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How do you feel about money?

So lets talk abut money, and how you really feel about it- using the ace of cups as focus.

I consider the ace of cups to represent emotions, feelings & our souls. The element of water is hard to fully grasp, yet it is (arguably) the strongest of all the elements. Think of how deep into the earth a river can carve, or the strength of the ocean. Having lived right at the edge of the North sea & relied upon ferry crossings to get anywhere I can fully appreciate the power of water. (yes- I used to live in that cottage- once the waves were hitting the chimney, pretty scary)

I think this is a really hard thing to pin down, but in the end I think it will make the biggest difference. How you feel drips down into your unconscious, and you will avoid opportunities that could offer you abundance because of what you hold in your heart.

My husband went to a job interview, convinced he was to old for the job.

When he came home he threw some papers on the table and said it was a "waste of time, just as I knew"

When I read the papers they were police check from, and I was surprised as these are usually done when you are offered the job.

So I rang the company. They had offered him the job, he had accepted- yet somehow his brain had not registered this!

An extreme example, but what opportunities are you literally not seeing?

With the beautiful Wild Wood Tarot we have a swan, and the swan is a bird to represent song & story.

Your feelings about money create a background song in the depths of your unconscious that you rarely hear. Like the ticking of a clock- you have blocked out that tune- and yet it guides every decision you make.

So this week I challenge you to hear your soul song about money, how your heart really feels about abundance, because once you can hear it, then (over the next two weeks) you can change it.

How can you try and pay attention to your emotions? Here are some ideas to consider.

#1 Next time you are paying for something, buying something, a bill comes through, you are with someone who has more- or less- money than you, slow down & really connect with your physical body. Our bodies give clear indications to our emotions. Do your hands clench, your shoulders go up, your breathing or heart rate race? Do you have a physical reaction to money- that shines a light on an emotional feeling?

#2 What do you feel about people with money? Are they selfish, greedy, hard hearted, money focused? Is it possible to be rich & kind, wealthy & spiritual? Be very clear about this- if you think money is a sign of negative personality traits then you will be avoiding money to save your self image. This may sound strange, but ultimately your sense of self is very very important.

Just try to monitor how you feel about people & money, hear your inner thoughts quietly. Do you judge people on their wealth or poverty?

This was made very, very clear to me when I was reading for a client. Her spread was pentacles, upon pentacles. As I looked I was utterly shocked “You are trapped, overwhelmed, by money. You are caged by wealth” I was so confounded by this I had to pause the reading- money was something I had always struggled for, whilst self sabotaging by feeling that people with money were selfish. Yet here was a deeply soulful, kind, wise person. Trapped by very large amounts of family wealth. The two couldn't co-exist in my reality and I needed to reframe my understanding.

#3 Do you think that money is finite, and that by having more you are denying others? Do you feel a dull sense of shame or guilt when you accept money- even when it is offered as a fair exchange?

I really struggled with prices at first, feeling guilty for charging a service for something I loved so much. I had it clearly explained to me by a friend. If I have a little more money I can then treat myself to local workshops, local treatments form holistic practitioners- my money can then in turn help others like myself. And this I of course the essence of money, it is a tool to represent fair exchange.

#4 Do you undervalue yourself, as a form of martyrdom. A self sabotaging behaviour to keep you from trying to become more abundant- because it is safer than trying & failing?

This I think is the most devastating thing that your emotional reaction to money can create. A deep dull feeling that you don't deserve more, and that as long as you accept where you are then there is hope that in time you could have more, but you don't actually step out of your comfort zone to make it happen. Fear of failure dooms you to stay exactly where you are.

In the end money is only a tool, to reflect exchange of energy, ideas, stuff. It is infinite (it is only a symbol) and by having more we create more- to share & exchange according to our values.

The Ace of cups, Druidcraft. A magical cup seemingly overflowing endlessly.

Money & abundance can flow as a loving show of appreciation for service, goods & ideas.

An empty cup can not overflow, & I argue that no amount of positive thought & manifesting spells will really work- until you feel love for yourself.

Learning to love & appreciate yourself.

Forgiving yourself for not being perfect

Allowing yourself to believe you are worth abundance by releasing old emotional beliefs that money is bad, or creates selfishness, or takes from others.

So how exactly do you let go of all that emotional angst about money & connect to the potential that is all around you?

Try & set some time aside to daydream, drift around your emotions in a flowing non thinky sort of way (music, walking, or a bath can help)

When you get to a memory or feeling about money, wealth, abundance, self worth etc. that is uncomfortable- stay with it & acknowledge it.

Deepen your breath & feel it, then let your out breaths release the emotion. Visualize the emotions leaving your mouth in a swirl of greyness.

It can take a while, but in time this technique really works, just keep having sessions of releasing those blocks.

It has been strange writing this module, as so often happens when I focus on the suit of cups I find myself too wordy. Looking forward to clear & simple, lovely suit of swords next week!

As you might expect I have a Tarot spread to help you connect with your emotions & money, take a look at my video and try it for yourself.

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