How do you feel about money?

So lets talk abut money, and how you really feel about it- using the ace of cups as focus.

I consider the ace of cups to represent emotions, feelings & our souls. The element of water is hard to fully grasp, yet it is (arguably) the strongest of all the elements. Think of how deep into the earth a river can carve, or the strength of the ocean. Having lived right at the edge of the North sea & relied upon ferry crossings to get anywhere I can fully appreciate the power of water. (yes- I used to live in that cottage- once the waves were hitting the chimney, pretty scary)

I think this is a really hard thing to pin down, but in the end I think it will make the biggest difference. How you feel drips down into your unconscious, and you will avoid opportunities that could offer you abundance because of what you hold in your heart.

My husband went to a job interview, convinced he was to old for the job.

When he came home he threw some papers on the table and said it was a "waste of time, just as I knew"

When I read the papers they were police check from, and I was surprised as these are usually done when you are offered the job.

So I rang the company. They had offered him the job, he had accepted- yet somehow his brain had not registered this!

An extreme example, but what opportunities are you literally not seeing?