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Tarot as a tool to love money #1


I once ran a tarot workshop, and when I got home I realised not one person had paid for the workshop.

Entirely my fault, the workshop had been busy, fun, and very enjoyable- I had just forgotten to ask anyone to pay. Luckily for me my clients had a sound relationship with money- and by the next morning everyone had paid .

The problem is I was scared of money, not understanding how it worked, and that was also tied into my lack of self worth. It created a cycle where I didn't look at my bank account or consider my spending- which simply filled me with more fear about how little I pre-summed I had.

This reached a head just before Christmas. A full trolley of shopping and my card was declined. The stupid thing is I had the money, it was just in a savings account, and I hadn't kept track.

So over Christmas I read about money. Self help books, magic books, business books, law of attraction books, psychology books. Then I translated what I had read into tarot- to help me to use it in my life.

So I invite you to join me on my journey to learn to understand, love, and use well- money.

Each week I will use a different tarot card to help you explore your finances, check your emotional connection with money, understand how money works, plan, think, dream, and create enough money.

There is magic in this course- but you have to connect with it, work with it follow through hope with action. As I have said before, "God moves mountains, but you'd better bring a shovel."

My first card for you is the Ace of Wands.

The suit of wands represents fire, inspiration, energy, spirit, passion, libido .

I often imagine this is the hand of the Divine- and he knocks that wand on your head- WAKE UP CALL.

This is shining a light in dark places, being really honest about what is going on.

If you haven't fully woken up to the state of your finances & spending habits.

This is the week to do it. Go through your bank balance, check out your credit cards, work out how much you have coming in a month. And how much you spend.

The suits of wands is fire.

Fire represents your heart chakra, your inner sun.

It is lighting the inner desire to sort out your money.

It is really finding that inner drive to do this.

No one else can motivate you to do this, that spark most come from you!

So here is the action plan for week one.

  1. Look at your finances this week. Bank account, credit cards, bills, loans, income, debt. Shock yourself into realising what the full state of your finances are, leave nothing in the dark.

  2. Monitor your spending for 1 week. How much do you spend, and on what. This is a week to shine a light on all those coffees/books/whatever your guilty pleasure is.

  3. What is your biggest fear, worry, desire about finances? Decide for yourself- why are you doing this?

Our motto for the week is "I look at my money, honestly"

I love this ace of wands, from the Ostara tarot.

Those flames that burn- that is you. With inner courage & total determination you are facing your finances this week.

In weeks to come you will look at emotional connections with money, planning to manage your money, increasing income, decreasing costs.

But this week just look. Shine a light on your finances.

Focus your emotions, energy, commitment, grasp the slippery topic of money. Clear away the excuses & hidden problems with clear, illuminating, transforming-honesty.

If you use Tarot here is a simple spread you can use weekly to check in to how you are doing as you learn to love money.

Card 1- How is my attitude to my finances?

Cards 2, 3 & 4. Actions you can do to improve your finances, or perhaps your relationship with money.

Card at the bottom of the pack- something you need to know.

Keep a check of the cards you get, it may be very enlightening!

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