So you want to teach Tarot?

I clearly remember the process of deciding to become a professional tarot reader & teacher.

We had 4 young children who we had decided to home educate and it was clear we would need two wages to manage this, In the past I had been a nursery teacher & nanny and could easily get back into that line of work- but I had always wanted to develop my Occult skills, and this was a perfect opportunity.

So I decided to go for it!

Then- for some unknown reason- I spent at least three months trying to decide if I wanted to to teach or read Tarot. Luckily I came to the conclusion that they were complimentary and I wanted to do both.

So I thought I'd share some of my insights along the way.

Try to move through the nerves.

Before my first ever workshop I spent a full hour crying in the car texting a friend who refused to engage except to tell me to “**** Get on with it” with a heavy smattering of swear words. There have been many times when waiting to run a new workshop that I have hoped for my phone to ring and my husband say that I am much needed at home.

I still get nervous about new venues, new workshops. I manage my nerves- distract, prepare, breathe deep and take the step forward. Waiting for nerves to go, and I think you may be waiting for a very long time, the longer you wait- the bigger they get.

Sometimes things will go wrong.

I have lost venue keys, had printer malfunctions (emailing the handouts the day after) confused dates & tried dates & planned workshops where the only people who attended were there through friendship.