Learn to love the Hierophant

I love the Hierophant, it is one of the cards that is my greatest inspirations, and has shaped my whole approach to Tarot...

The pair of crossed keys- owner of wisdom

I find this to be one of the most important images in the card, a pair of crossed keys.

Keys represent power, and ownership. The Hierophant owns his knowledge, and he has laid both keys on the floor in an open gesture of giving.

What do the keys represent? The keys to heaven & earth, inner & outer journey, sun & moon?- perhaps they are all different ways of saying the same thing.

What matters is the Hierophant is offering you both keys, not holding one back for himself.

A true Hierophant will not only teach you, but will teach you well enough that you can integrate the teaching, you have been taught so well that you no longer tread in his footsteps- you can think for yourself because of this teaching.

A true Hierophant does not keep the key secrets back, creating a co-dependency. he gives you the tools & knowledge to be independent.

A true Hierophant encourages questions, shares reasons and never defines with "musts" but shares "whys"

You may guess, I aspire to be a good Hierophant

The red roses & the white Lilies

A key symbol, in the Rider-Waite deck (including Magician & 2 wands)