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#5 Top benefits of a Tarot reading

I've reflected on the most common reasons people have a Tarot reading with me, and how I am able to help them...

#5 Validation & honest acceptance.

We all need to connect with some-one who will listen to our truth. Life is complicated, and often it is hard to be really honest about our feelings, fears, sadness, regret, or a multitude of other emotions.

I have found that when I reflect how someone is feeling- through the tarot- it is a very useful part of the reading. I can empathize with your feelings, and you can be completely honest with me. No judgement, no criticism, just honesty & acceptance.

"I just don't have adequate words to thank you. I do feel I can be honest with you Maddy. I'm so happy to have someone who I can talk to about something so important to me, who understands my soul and doesn't judge me."

#4 Decision Making

Sometimes you need to make a decision, and simply can not think it through logically.

Very often the Tarot is clear that there is not one simple answer & so a reading can highlight the subtle problems & benefits of each option.

Of course it is always the your decision to make, I add another layer of insight & guidance into the mix.

Seeing your options laid out visually (I always send photographs with email readings). Understanding the complex benefits & problems with each option is a great way to make an informed decision.

I am not making the decision, nor is the tarot. We are adding clarity to the problem so YOU can make the decision more easily.

"What a great session I had with Maddy! It really helped me to connect with where I am, and where I am heading, explore decisions, see my priorities and connect with my life vision and soul's whisperings."

#3 Understand other's motivations & emotions

There are a lot of different takes on "third party readings". I am happy to do third party readings if I feel you are trying to understand your life, and your relationships.

I can reflect on family members, work connections, romantic partners etc. This can help you to break free of relationship patterns, to see your role more clearly, and have greater empathy for the people in your life.

Most often you may have a "feeling" about someone and are looking in to check- is it your imagination, or is your intuition right?

Seeing your relationships reflected in the cards allows you to have a better perspective, to see the threads & patterns. It allows you to better see your path through any difficulties.

"I loved my reading with Maddy Elruna. I live in the United States 🇺🇸 and had heard that Britishs Mediums were spot on. She was and yet with loving guidance she helped me to find away to move forward with peace and healing love in my heart ❤️"

#2 Reassurance that your difficult path is worth it.

Maybe you have made a difficult decision, and are working hard to make it work. You might want to check in for reassurance & support in navigating the difficulties.

This is a reading that can really help, with practical advice, and a glimpse to the future to see where your path is likely to lead you.

Life can be difficult, complicated. A little help to keep you on your chosen path can be very welcome. I have a lot of clients who like to "check in" now and then to give them the confidence and reassurance that they are still on the right path.

"Thank you for such an in-depth reading - I really appreciate it. You have definitely hit the nail on the head in so many areas and I’m absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I realise that I have to work hard to achieve success but I am more than willing to do so"

#1 Check in that your intuition is clear

When life is complicated & stressful it can be hard to decide if that nagging worry is intuition, or an overactive mind.

I can read for your worries, and help you to hear your intuition in an amplified & very clear way.

One of the commonest things I hear is "Thank you, I kind of knew that already- it helps to know I was right"

During a Tarot reading I can check into your intuition (higher guidance if you prefer) and reflect that in the Tarot cards. I then translate that information into clear English so you can see & hear your own intuition very clearly

"When you get a reading from Maddy it is not about foretelling the future but more about helping you understand what is happening in your life and advice about how best to handle the situation"


If you are curious about whether a tarot reading could help you, I copy & paste emails from clients onto my "Reviews" page, so you can get a feel for the type of reader I am. Based upon feedback I describe myself as "accurate, friendly & helpful."

You can read my reviews by clients here

I don't ask people to leave me face-book reviews as a Tarot reading can be a very personal experience, I do have some Facebook reviews from clients who chose to leave them & you can find them here


If you would like to book a reading with me I have a selection of email readings, and if you subscribe to my newsletter you can get an introductory reading for £15 ($20). You can subscribe here

If you'd rather just book a reading, with out subscribing that's just fine check out my options here

If you are in East Sussex U & can get to me (Just outside of Lewes), then you can book a face to face reading here

Blessings, Maddy Elruna x

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