#5 Top benefits of a Tarot reading

I've reflected on the most common reasons people have a Tarot reading with me, and how I am able to help them...

#5 Validation & honest acceptance.

We all need to connect with some-one who will listen to our truth. Life is complicated, and often it is hard to be really honest about our feelings, fears, sadness, regret, or a multitude of other emotions.

I have found that when I reflect how someone is feeling- through the tarot- it is a very useful part of the reading. I can empathize with your feelings, and you can be completely honest with me. No judgement, no criticism, just honesty & acceptance.

"I just don't have adequate words to thank you. I do feel I can be honest with you Maddy. I'm so happy to have someone who I can talk to about something so important to me, who understands my soul and doesn't judge me."

#4 Decision Making

Sometimes you need to make a decision, and simply can not think it through logically.

Very often the Tarot is clear that there is not one simple answer & so a reading can highlight the subtle problems & benefits of each option.

Of course it is always the your decision to make, I add another layer of insight & guidance into the mix.

Seeing your options laid out visually (I always send photographs with email readings). Understanding the complex benefits & problems with each option is a great way to make an informed decision.

I am not making the decision, nor is the tarot. We are adding clarity to the problem so YOU can make the decision more easily.