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Shaman healing- step by step Psychic Dagger

I wanted to reflect and share some of my experiences with shaman healing. Often one of the first things I offer a new client is a check for psychic daggers. It is a gentle start to the session allowing me and the client to connect.

shaman practitioner east sussex

I had never really considered Psychic Daggers before they were covered on the course I am attending with Evelyn Brodie. I did believe that focused words & thoughts can harm others, even if the sender isn't aware of this. It's just not something I had ever taken the time to think through.

When I check for psychic daggers I use my pendulum to dowse a clients body. Everyone's pendulum is different, I know there is a psychic dagger because the pendulum will stop rotating and start swinging from side to side. Intent & focus are really important, and as I dowse I am focused only on psychic daggers, no other form of energy.

It is curious- but usually when I find a psychic dagger the client was aware of a nagging pain, or the emotional connections with the body part totally resonate;

To remove a psychic dagger I use my shaman's rattle to open the energy in that area. I use Florida water & Palo Santo to help cleanse and loosen the psychic dagger. Then I try to connect with the energy, is it hard and brittle, or soft and wrapped round, sometimes it seems like layers of dust, or soft gauze.... I am sensing, visualizing, seeing with senses that are not my eyes, feeling the best way to remove the psychic dagger.

Some are really easy and seem to fall away in my hands. Others seem old, and deep, and need to be worked at gently and patently to be removed. Once I feel I have removed the psychic dagger I use the Florida water & Palo Santo again to cleanse the area energetically, and then bring in healing energy.

The whole process can be quite quick, or take up to half an hour. After the process is finished I like to sit with the client, and place my hands on their shoulders. I connect with their energy body and feel for any further healing that is needed. Most often this either a need to be more grounded, or an area of the body where they store energy when they are stressed & anxious. I finish the session by working on these energies to help balance the system.

Sometimes the psychic daggers come back & usually this is one of two reasons;

#1 They are old, old wounds, perhaps relating to a past life issue. In this case the psychic dagger is a symptom of a deeper issue which needs releasing. Then I work with different techniques (which I will cover soon in a later blog) to track back to the source would and help the client release the energy.

#2 The person who sent the psychic dagger, even if unconsciously, is still sending them! Often a client will have a clear idea who sent the dagger, and be concerned that they will just be sent again. If this is the case I gift the Munay-Ki rite "Bands of Power".

I really enjoy working with psychic daggers with a client, because if you haven't done this work for a while (or ever) it can make a dramatic difference to your energy levels.

I have found it to be gentle & nurturing, and allows the client to receive healing work without needing to retell stories or define what they need.

The body tells me what it best needs.

If you would like to book to see me for a healing session, there's more information on my website; Take a look here. I am based in East Sussex, just outside of Lewes & charge £40 for a session.

And I have seen psychic daggers in the Tarot, several times now. The card combination to watch out for is the High Priestess & Swords (specifically the 9 of swords)

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