#5 reasons not to go Tarot Pro

#1 I don't have enough experience

Honestly- this is an excellent reason not to go pro ( hear me out) because being a professional tarot reader can be tough. However many times you say to clients "I am reading to help you to make the right decisions" clients will make decisions based upon your reading. That is a huge responsibility, and I think it is important to take it seriously.

When do you have enough experience? Only you can really answer that (no certificate can replace inner awareness). But be very mindful of the responsibility you hold as a professional tarot reader.

How can you gain experience? This is the one area I don't think there are short cuts. The only way to gain experience is to read the Tarot. For friends, friends of friends, work colleagues, swaps, yourself, at fairs, random strangers....

There is no magic number of hours, or people. No course or certificate that can replace actual practice with real people and a deck of cards.

But if you are keen to develop your experience then at least with the internet it is far easier- to find other people willing to learn alongside you, swap readings & give feedback.

My story I started charging when I realized friends were inviting me to their house, checking I had my tarot deck, and there would be a friend of theirs hoping for a reading. Whilst I felt quite happy reading for friends for practice, reading for friends of friends with out actually being asked started to become quite difficult- and charging all but close friends seemed like a good move.