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#5 reasons not to go Tarot Pro

#1 I don't have enough experience

Honestly- this is an excellent reason not to go pro ( hear me out) because being a professional tarot reader can be tough. However many times you say to clients "I am reading to help you to make the right decisions" clients will make decisions based upon your reading. That is a huge responsibility, and I think it is important to take it seriously.

When do you have enough experience? Only you can really answer that (no certificate can replace inner awareness). But be very mindful of the responsibility you hold as a professional tarot reader.

How can you gain experience? This is the one area I don't think there are short cuts. The only way to gain experience is to read the Tarot. For friends, friends of friends, work colleagues, swaps, yourself, at fairs, random strangers....

There is no magic number of hours, or people. No course or certificate that can replace actual practice with real people and a deck of cards.

But if you are keen to develop your experience then at least with the internet it is far easier- to find other people willing to learn alongside you, swap readings & give feedback.

My story I started charging when I realized friends were inviting me to their house, checking I had my tarot deck, and there would be a friend of theirs hoping for a reading. Whilst I felt quite happy reading for friends for practice, reading for friends of friends with out actually being asked started to become quite difficult- and charging all but close friends seemed like a good move.

I didn't advertise for about a year, and just had the odd reading here and there through contacts, before getting some business cards published & starting to read at fairs. On my second fair I did 37 readings in two days. It was an exhausting, tearful break through and helped me to realise I really could take it through into a "business" rather than a paid hobby.

#2 I lack self confidence

I think deep down many Tarot professionals have, and continue to suffer this. As long as you have the right level of skill and experience (and only you can judge this) then lack of self confidence has nothing to do with the tarot, and everything to do with you.

Lack of self confidence (unlike lack of experience) is only an excuse, and hard as it is I suggest you start working on it today.

How do you build self confidence? By trying- one step at a time (no matter how small that step may be). If launching your Tarot business is a step too far, then get involved in tarot chat- on or off line. Slowly, steadily, challenge yourself to take small scary steps. It is a long journey- so you may as well start today.

My Story. I spent a full hour sat in the car weeping before leading my first Tarot workshop, I would spend ages preparing for a reading, there would be tears, change of clothes as I felt so uncomfortable in myself. Then an hours reading could easily last two as i was so determined to do a good job.

Every milestone has cost me in sleep, teas & anxiety. First face-book post, first photo on line, first blog. I haven't really advertised my latest online course yet because I am waiting for my anxiety to level a little.

I bet behind many successful, professional readers is someone lacking in self confidence that just tries a little harder each day to believe in themselves.

#3 I have technology issues

You and me both! "technology" can seem overwhelming if (like me) you just don't understand it. Like self confidence- it is an excuse. I know my understanding of technology is very limited, if you are hoping to be a tarot pro people are expecting a tarot expert with just enough technological nouse to get the job done.

There are plenty of ways to get to grips with technology, don't let that be the excuse that stood in the way of a dream.

How to start? Read a blog, a book, watch a you-tube channel. Swap a reading for a technology lesson. Just get learning. I suggest you pick one thing that would make a real difference to you and aim to understand that. I know it can seem overwhelming, so pick one thing first.

My next step is Skype, I have had two Skype calls- so I hope to learn how to use Skype next, and then webinars.

My Story. When I started our house didn't have broadband, and I just had an old smart phone for emails & face-book. I didn't know what a PDF was, or how to send a multiple email with out everyone's address showing.

I now update my own website, and have just completed my second online tarot course- with videos & my own images created through Canva. It has been slow progress, but it is getting easier all the time.

# I don't have time

I never believe that, ever. What you have done is not prioritized your Tarot business.

How to start? Be honest with yourself about this. If you have young children, a stupidly hectic schedule, health issues- be honest. Take the pressure off yourself, agree to check in again in 3 months time, a years time and see if you would like to start then.

If it is just a bit of an excuse- schedule in time. I work with a timer, 30 minutes undisturbed writing can achieve a lot. Steadily working a little each day can build up quite quickly. The key is regular work at your blog, or face-book page, or deck design. In a month you will be amazed at what you can achieve with a little bit each day.

My Story I home educate my 4 children, do all the Tarot online stuff you see- blogs and the like, update my website, & do shaman healing as well. It is a complete juggle, but I love it. I grab my time when I can- but am now planning to have Monday's off completely as my family are complaining they never see me (and husband complains dinners aren't as nice as they used to be!)

# I don't know where to start

I don't think it matters where you start. What matters is starting. Today, or putting a date in your diary and committing to start on that day.

Starting is what matters, all the rest will work itself out.

How to start?

  • Write a list (a long rambling list if you like, take a couple of days if you need) of all he things you want, and hope to do.

  • Choose 1 thing that seems achievable.

  • Brain storm, read & research how you could achieve this.

  • Write a list of steps you can take towards this goal (perhaps print business cards, write a blog, get some postcards done, investigate local fairs etc)

  • Tick the steps off as you do them.

My Story I debated for many months whether to teach Tarot or read tarot. Mad huh? Looking it back it was simple procrastination. I wrote a to do list for both & got the ball rolling.

My business now is not what I would ever have expected as I never intended to do online readings or online teaching- yet that is the main focus of my business now.

My advice is not to overly focus on one perfect plan. Find a plan that suits you now and start.

Getting started is the most important step.

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