The card that warns me to focus not tidy!

I love, and struggle with this cards in equal amounts.

To me it represents “bliss” utterly lost in the moment, completely connected with what you are doing. I really get that part of the card- I am easily lost in cooking, writing, tarot, drumming….

It also represents self-disciplined learning of a skill. I struggle a little more with this. I am a flitter, a diver, a knight of wands dashing into life. I am less good at focusing on steadily learning a skill, diligence This side of the 8 of pentacles is often referred to as the apprentice card.

It can also represent obsession, being stuck in a rut, procrastination – and specifically obsessive compulsive disorder (or even hoarding). When I first got to know the cards on a deep and personal level I gazed at the cards, and spoke to them with my right brain. Trying to sense what they meant to me. When I chatted to the 8 of pentacles the first thing my right brain did was ask him to carve me a flower. 8 of pentacles face crumpled “but my pentacles are perfect he said” At its worse the 8 of pentacles can be the drive for perfection.

Lets look at some symbols from the Rider-Waite Card

The red tights & feet

As a shaman I work a lot with people who have a blocked root chakra. It’s as if their energy never fully reaches the ground. This guy is fully rooted- he sits on a low bench with his bright red legs and shoes.