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Entity extraction

Before I started my course - learning the skills to be a shaman healer- had never really considered "entities" or their "extraction"

Which is why i found myself sat with the 9 other shaman students feeling a little bewildered when our teacher demonstrated an entity extraction on a student who was already aware they had one.

As I explore my thoughts & experiences I need to point out that to respect the confidentiality of the group I feel only able to express my own experiences.

So I watched the process, trying to decide how it fitted in my world view. The thoughts (rapid, with some anxiety as I released I would be "having a go" myself soon) went something like this;

  • I believe humans all have a soul. (though I don't particularly like the word)

  • I believe in reincarnation- that after death an energy part of the person continues in existence.

  • I believe animals, plants, places, stones, non-physical entities also can have a "soul" or energy body.

  • Therefore for a soul or "energy entity" to co-exist with a human seems reasonable.

The technique for testing (which I am not prepared to detail, as I don't want to be responsible for people trying it and worrying about the result) is very easy, and involves focusing energy on the clients body and measuring their physical response.

Out of a group of 10 of us, only 3 had definite entities (a surprisingly small number in fact) and one of those three was me. Honestly, I really wasn't surprised.

Before my testing I was the shaman who helped remove an entity. It was an extremely odd experience. I connected and felt the energies, deep and shifting with in the client. I encouraged the entity up the body, and down into a vogel crystal.

What I love most about this process is we are taught to to presume that the entity is lost, worried and benign (whilst checking in and making sure this is the case) I told the entity I was there to help it to move to a more suitable place, to find its right place. I told the entity that it was causing harm to my client, and that life would be better for both if it could find its right place.

Once the entity is in the crystal it is released with fire, & salt, & blessings. It is offered to the 4 quarters, and to the earth & sky. With love and trust that the entity finds its right path.

I have to be honest and say as student shamans watching our teacher blow the entity towards the four directions there was a lot of moving out of the way. You don't want anyone standing in the place that you blow the entity to!

To continue, I was unsurprised when it became clear I also had an entity. As my shaman started talking to the entity, encouraging it to move towards the crystal, I felt a wave of energy move up my spine, over my head, and flow into the crystal. My shaman felt it too and snatched the crystal out of my hand, placing it under her healing bundle ready for release. My knees buckled. I felt utter sadness as i remembered the story of the soul that had been with me many years.

I was helped to lie down and sobbed with many hugs and much tenderness. My entity was a young girl who had died suddenly and clinged to another child through fear. She meant no harm, and I was kind of aware of her, though her leaving made me fully aware of her. I keep saying her name by mistake in conversations- as if to remind myself of the loss.

And I do feel different. I feel more fully in my body, as if there is space. I feel more relaxed. Looking back I wonder whether I was trying to live two lives to compensate for her lost one.

I am still processing what I experienced, how it fits into my belief system, and how I want to integrate this into my practice. In the meantime I will be planting some flowers for my lost girl & wishing her well with a small ceremony. (and saving up for a vogel crystal!)

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