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Legal cases & Tarot- A strange story

Yesterday I had a client booked in for a reading concerning three upcoming legal cases (sharing this with her full permission!)

I started off with explaining that I was reading for guidance only, she needed to take full responsibility for how she decided to proceed with the cases "I am fully aware of how tarot works" she said.

Legal cases are always a sticky issues, but they were all quite soon, and she was fully aware that I was picking up on likelihoods 7 best path forward, so I felt very comfortable with the reading- and very curious as to how easily I pick up on the information!

Each case was completely separate, so I read three separate readings, cleansing my top chakras with Florida water between, to ensure the cases didn't "bleed" not each other.

I decided to pull 3 cards from the Rider-Waite deck- to represent outcome.

Then to answer her questions about the case with the Rider-Waite deck (should I employ a lawyer, should i seek an out of court settlement etc- each case was different).

Finally 3 cards for a further outcome, using the Druid-Craft deck. This allows for cards to be duplicated from the original outcome spread- which is still out.

I often read two outcomes in this way, at the start & end of a reading- and I usually find subtle (or not so subtle) changes as the client has made adjustments during the reading.

Each and every outcome reading was dominated by two cards, every outcome had at least one of them, often both, from both decks.

Justice- which I read as "you'll get what you deserve" and as I said to my client- the Judge will find for a fair outcome.

Ace of Swords- truth, or as I said to my client-the judge will find the truth in the matter.

It was an intense and focused hour, as you can imagine. At the end she felt she had a good understanding as to handle the the cases. Our time was up and she asked "can you see if the there is love coming?" I pointed out that after the intensity of the session I wasn't sure I could focus on another question. She tapped her phone (taping her reading) and pointed out we had 4 minutes left. "Just pull 3 cards and see".

So I did. Ace of swords, Justice, 7 swords.

She looked at the cards and said "the cards agree dear, I was greedy to ask for more, they are reminding me of all your hard work"

One of the strangest readings I have ever done, but very interesting. I am looking forward to hearing how it all turns out.

(As an aside, with one of the court-cases she asked if she should hire a lawyer, or progress with out one-having a legal background herself- I looked carefully at the reading but was stumped. Neither path looked like the right one. When I told her she smiled and said "I'm going for an out of court settlement" )

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