Questions people ask me about my Tarot reading.

Do you predict the future, are you a fortune teller?

Yes, and No. perhaps- if you want me to....

Most people coming to a tarot reader are looking to see what the future holds, yet I don't think the future is fully formed.

When I am predicting the future I am exploring possibilities.

If the possibilities I predict are what you hoped for then I can help you find the best way to achieve them.

If the possibilities are not what you hoped for then I can help you to find a better way forward, or to deal with the difficulties in a clam and pro-active way.

I rarely JUST predict the future, because I see my job as a guide to help you find the best way forward. Then again I rarely do a tarot reading that does not look into the future!

Are you psychic

If I was asked this two years ago I would have been firm in my answer of "no".

But the more I have read the cards, the more suggestions come into my head that are inspired from the cards, but not read from the cards. These suggestions are often meaningless to me, but relevant to the client.

So I guess I am left with "yes" I am psychic but I struggle with the word, I still prefer Tarot reader!