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Questions people ask me about my Tarot reading.

Do you predict the future, are you a fortune teller?

Yes, and No. perhaps- if you want me to....

Most people coming to a tarot reader are looking to see what the future holds, yet I don't think the future is fully formed.

When I am predicting the future I am exploring possibilities.

If the possibilities I predict are what you hoped for then I can help you find the best way to achieve them.

If the possibilities are not what you hoped for then I can help you to find a better way forward, or to deal with the difficulties in a clam and pro-active way.

I rarely JUST predict the future, because I see my job as a guide to help you find the best way forward. Then again I rarely do a tarot reading that does not look into the future!

Are you psychic

If I was asked this two years ago I would have been firm in my answer of "no".

But the more I have read the cards, the more suggestions come into my head that are inspired from the cards, but not read from the cards. These suggestions are often meaningless to me, but relevant to the client.

So I guess I am left with "yes" I am psychic but I struggle with the word, I still prefer Tarot reader!

How do you know you are accurate?

I almost always (no absolutes) start with reflecting the clients situation now. That way both my client and I know that I am getting a clear and relevant reading.

The best thing to hear in a reading is "yes, I knew that really". A lot of people are worried about an important decision or transition and just need some clarity that they are making the right decisions. Tarot is wonderful for supporting this.

I know I am accurate, because I am reflecting key issues my client already knows before looking at predictions & possibilities.

What about predicting bad news

It happens of course, but this is where the blend of Tarot predicting & Tarot guidance comes in. If I see difficult times ahead in the cards, they where there anyway- reading the cards did not create the difficulties.

I can use advice cards, and explore different options to help a client navigate through these times .

I have often seen potential difficulties with money, addiction, mental health issues, and been able to offer an early warning to be aware of potential problems. This can be enough to avoid these issues altogether.

Any questions/people you won't read for?

Younger than 16 without an engaged adult present to support the reading (and then only advice readings)

Any one seriously drunk, or very upset/disorientated from the start.

Diagnosing health issues (I will read for holistic support)

Probing questions about others that are not relevant to the client.

Victims of abuse that are seeking a way to mend the relationship (I will read to support leaving the relationship)

Often I can tweak a question I am not comfortable with to make it work for the client and me.

Why do you charge, isn't it a "gift"

I'd like to think it is a gift, but it is also years of hard work, learning & researching. It is a skill I have worked hard to gain.

You are paying for my time, and your money pays for my physical needs. There are plenty of people that offer free readings, but professional readers charge for their time and skill- just like any other professional!

How does it work by email?

My experience is that it is the connection and intent that matters. I started by phone and email with some trepidation, but soon found it made no difference at all. I have covered this in more detail on my webpage, take a look.

Do you need to know my personal circumstances?

Yes, and no!

I have read for people who didn't want to give me any information, not even a question. Chances are I can still find the question, and answer it. It will just take me longer (and as I charge for my time, cost you more)

It helps me to know what you want from the reading, is there a decision you need to make, are looking for direction, guidance... This allows me to be focused with my reading and as helpful as possible. However you don't need to wade through difficult personal background story, I am here to help you. You don't need to tell me any more than you feel comfortable with.

Do you use Spirit guides.

Yes, very much so. In fact people have even seen my main guide standing behind me on occasion.

My guides are more to do with my shaman side. When I read tarot, I am reading the cards to find the guidance and wisdom with in the cards, I am a Tarot reader. It just happens that I am also a Shaman with a very involved guide.

How do you know the guidance comes from the cards, not you

This is a skill that gets easier with time. I try to clear my head when I am reading, and switch off my "monkey mind". If I have a personal comment to make i put the cards down, or write it in italics for an email reading.

I am not as wise as the Tarot, I am happy to let that wisdom flow. And often I am surprised by what the tarot is saying, it is not what I would have advised - it comes from a deeper, wiser source than me.

If you can know all this stuff- can you read me by looking at me?

Nope, absolutely not.

In fact I am quite bad at picking up emotional signals about people in general conversation (my husband is much better). I get my information from the Tarot cards, or from entering an altered state of mind and connecting with my spirit guides. I do not wish to live my life in this heightened state of awareness all the time. So if you are chatting to me and I am not reading cards- I know nothing more about you than you chose to tell me!

How long have you been reading Tarot cards?

I have been reading and studying Tarot for over 20 years now. I started my Tarot business about 3 years ago, because I felt a calling to teach shamanism and through tarot would be an easier option (!) In time I also started teaching Shamanism and have found the two to be a perfect match together.

Which decks do you use?

I currently only read with two decks, the Rider Waite & Druid Craft decks. I have many other decks which I love, and would love to read with. I just don't have the time right now to get to know them as deeply as I do these two. To read with a deck I like to have studied and meditated with each card. To have found the best, and the worst in every card. To have found myself reflected in every card. That is a long process!

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