Blended shamanism

I held my first “Blended” shaman’s group today


My time learning the Norse traditions in Orkney was completely transformational. However – personally I was in a very bad place. A large part of my time in Orkney was personal transformation. I had no desire to teach, heal, or share what I was learning with anyone else.

In time I came to use the tarot as a transformational tool for others. Helping them, inspiring them, supporting them through the tool of Tarot.

Then I was “encouraged” to share my knowledge of Norse shamanism by teaching the techniques, and holding a regular circle. This group still continues, much shaped by the individuals. Growing, evolving.

I was happy with the balance; a Tarot reader & Shaman Guide.

Until I went, on a whim- as these things so often are- for a shaman healing session with Evelyn Brodie. About half way through the session I felt unsettled, even a little angry. I realized I wanted to be doing the healing, not receiving it! I loved the simplicity of how she worked, yet how deep the work had taken me.

I was just about to email Evelyn to ask if she had any courses coming up- when I noticed an email from her- detailing a practitioners course in shaman healing.

Now I am learning how the Peruvian shaman’s use their skills & tools to heal. And I am loving it.

So; full mo