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Blended shamanism

I held my first “Blended” shaman’s group today


My time learning the Norse traditions in Orkney was completely transformational. However – personally I was in a very bad place. A large part of my time in Orkney was personal transformation. I had no desire to teach, heal, or share what I was learning with anyone else.

In time I came to use the tarot as a transformational tool for others. Helping them, inspiring them, supporting them through the tool of Tarot.

Then I was “encouraged” to share my knowledge of Norse shamanism by teaching the techniques, and holding a regular circle. This group still continues, much shaped by the individuals. Growing, evolving.

I was happy with the balance; a Tarot reader & Shaman Guide.

Until I went, on a whim- as these things so often are- for a shaman healing session with Evelyn Brodie. About half way through the session I felt unsettled, even a little angry. I realized I wanted to be doing the healing, not receiving it! I loved the simplicity of how she worked, yet how deep the work had taken me.

I was just about to email Evelyn to ask if she had any courses coming up- when I noticed an email from her- detailing a practitioners course in shaman healing.

Now I am learning how the Peruvian shaman’s use their skills & tools to heal. And I am loving it.

So; full moon in Virgo- the Warriors moon it seems. I took the leap and blended the two traditions.

I opened in my normal way, calling on Frey, Freya & Odin.

Leading a chant & drumming session, and feeling the barn fill with many “others” keen to share our journey.

Then I led a gentle healing session. Drumming whilst the group reflected on difficult situations, blowing the energy into stones to be buried and given back to the earth. I loved how the energy changed, deepened. The focus as people went into their own memories.

Next I went and “rattled” people to help with the releasing. I have never seen a rattle, or drum, as healing tools before. I guess I just wasn’t in the right place to offer healing. I was still so focused on my own journey.

But the feed back from clients so far is helping me to realize the power of such simple healing tools;

“the rattle was like having an amazing internal massage and the drum was like being “home”

After the gentle healing exercise we did some more chanting, well you can’t take the Norse out of this girl.

Then I changed my path working journey, and my drumming, and embraced my new path.

I led a simple meditation into the underworld, to a cave of gifts. Leading the way so they could find a gift to support the earlier healing work.

No runes, no path, no rattle. If you’ve worked with me before you’ll know how much of a change that is.

It’s not my place to share other’s personal journeys. But gifts were found that resonated.

I didn’t enter the cave, having been here twice at the weekend it didn’t feel right. I was there to guide only. But I connected with the drum. The beat disappeared altogether. I heard a song. It was so very beautiful, coming from the depths of the drum. I could have heard that song for hours, and had to remind myself that I was there to support others with my drumming.

Now I am at home (after eating dinner and watching Dr Who as I like to do..) I am reflecting on the experience;

  • I feel immensely glad that I have found a tradition to compliment my Norse tradition so well. At the time of learning Stav I was learning how to live. Now I have fully internalized that I am in a position to learn how to heal.

  • I am exhausted. It takes more energy to blend than to use one tradition, that I am completely at home with. But it was well worth it, and I am exhilarated too.

  • I am excited, I think I can have an awful lot of fun blending the Norse & Peruvian techniques & tools.

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