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A simple tarot spread for difficult times

A simple Spread

I often think Tarot can get over complicated.

I’d like to share with you a simple technique I use when life gets chaotic, confusing and overwhelming.

When life is really difficult I find it hard to use detailed spreads for myself. My mind gets over focused on either the hope, or difficulties, and I lose perspective and clarity.

I also don’t like to be too predictive with my spreads at this time. If I am in a negative spiral any small issue in the cards can catch in my mind and become over blown. That is why I head to another tarot professional if I want clear and detailed advice when life is difficult.

I do however use my balance spread, daily, when life is difficult. It is easy to use, helpful & personally I don’t use any reversals in this spread to keep the focus on advice.(I don’t read reversals at all- but that’s another blog)

  • Write a list of, ideally, between 3 and 5 areas in your life that you would like a little guidance on. I usually use; family, me, work. I think it is useful to include “me” in the list, after all many people put their own needs at the end of the list and then wonder why their health is suffering.

  • Shuffle your cards contemplating the day ahead (this spread can be done the night before, if that suits you better)

  • Deal one card to offer advice for each of the areas you have asked about.

  • Use this spread to help you gently shift your priorities and focus, helping you to get the balance right.

  • If you have pulled a card you traditionally see as “difficult” look for the advice in the card, every card has advice to offer you somewhere.

As an example;

I did this spread for a day recently that I had earmarked as a “family day”;

Card 1; family; 10 pentacles. I often see the 10 of pentacles as firm foundations, stability & generations. This made me feel that investing in my family was the right thing to do.

Card 2; myself; 4 swords. I often see the 4 of swords as- you can take on no more, rest now. So my family day worked well with that.

Card 3; work; Queen of wands. This gave me a little reassurance that work is going well, and that by continuing to be determined, focused & myself things would continue to go well. Of course my determination would do better after a rest!

Final points;

  • Remember to choose your own life, reflecting the stress points in your life (money, food, exercise, partner, study, the list is endless)

  • This spread works better if used daily for a while. It is a planning tool-helping you get your priorities right.

  • I am completely useless at keeping a tarot journal, but it would be really helpful to write the spreads down & then look back over a week, or month, for patterns.

  • Unless you are super organised I’m sure you will miss days, don’t worry. Just carry on- sometimes having a day off really helps.

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