What is Stav?

Stav is the family wisdom tradition, based upon knowledge of the runes, of the Hfskojld family. They lived in a remote part of Norway and built the tradition over fifteen hundred years.

Stav teachers can trace their teacher’s lineage back to Ivar Hfskojld. I was taught by Master Shaun Brass-field Thorpe, who was taught by Ivar.

These are my thoughts on Stav, and I was (obviously) very influenced by Shaun. I am not holding this up to "be" the truth about Stav, rather this is my truth about Stav.

A living tradition that has changed my life, and continues to be the foundation of everything I do.

But what is Stav?

I think of Stav as a multi-disciplined wisdom tradition, based upon the 16 runes of the younger futhark.

It can include;

  • Stances (yogic type exercises)

  • Martial training.

  • Rune law and mythology.

  • Rune reading & shamanic practices.

  • Energy, herb & physical healing practices.

  • A psychological system to aid better understanding of yourself and others.

  • A wheel of the year festival, helping you to live in tune with your surroundings.

  • Animal & pant spirit wisdom.

  • Various bind-runes.

  • A wealth of practical knowledge, for crafts & life skills.