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Business Mistakes

This week my website crashed because I "missed" an invoice about my domain name, I sent links for my free book for, not (meaning they only worked for peopel in Britain), I managed to set the smoke alarm off by cooking noodles (don't ask!), had major issues with Pay-pal, and am still wondering where the money for the next tan​​k of heating oil will come from.

My life is a series of failures, from which I

pick myself up and keep walking. Yet when I look at the larger picture of my business & life- it really isn't so bad.

  • Failure happens (again, and again)

I have learnt that growing a business is a series of failures, and the only way to deal with this is to learn and move on. I have read this so many times, but I never quite realized the truth until I was building my business. I have run events where the venue cost more than I made, I have got my advertising costs wrong and ended with a shock, I've made spelling mistakes, timing mistakes, lost emails & watched my website crash due to my error.

I have cried a lot, shouted a fair amount, and felt like giving up many, many times.

But I am still here! I am still learning, still working, still growing my business.

I have a feeling there will be a lot more failures along the way- the good news is that moving on from failure gets (just a little) easier each and every time.

  • Skill in Tarot is not enough

The Tarot reading bit is easy. I still love it, still get a real thrill each time I connect and help some one find their path forward.

But I am doing this to pay for my children, and so I need business skills too. I am learning about advertising, web building, S.E.O, writing emails, tax, networking, publishing, selling, running events, costing....

Sometimes my mind feels like it's going to burst with all the learning I have done. And I am aware I have only just scratched the surface!

  • Adjusting to the needs of my students

This has been a massive learning curve.

The first tarot workshops I ran (which were 3 hours) I taught. In a clear didactic teacher style, for the entire 3 hours.

I had read how other tarot teachers "facilitated" their students, and helped them to develop their skills- but I felt far too nervous for that. Luckily I had amazing students who asked if they could actually have a go at the tarot (!) and once I stepped into that supporting, hands on teacher type role I never looked back- so much easier for students & teacher alike.

On the other hand I have (stupidly) moved times, adapted things to meet the needs of students, only to have them realise they can't commit anyway. I am then left with a course or venue I am not committed too, having to advertise something my heart isn't in.

My decisions are now balanced; what works for my regular students, and equally, what works for me.

Hopefully this keeps me fresh & confident at the same time.

  • Not pacing myself.

O.K so I am still failing (massively) at this.

I am aware that I work better when I have one day off a week. But I do love my work & have a (slightly) addictive personality- so I probably spend far, far too many hours learning, writing, and generally working than is best for me, or my family.

Like many people that are setting up a self -employed business I suffer from anxiety about the security and profitability of my business, and would rather learn a little more about business than sit worrying.

  • Allowing stupid things to swallow my time

I am learning about the difference between "time fillers" and "productive time".

The best advice I have come across is to do one job, and focus on doing it well- rather than flitting from job to job. Sitting once a day to answer emails well, setting aside time to enjoy tarot talking on face-book forums, having a schedule for my blogging and writing- sitting down to write a blog until it is finished- rather than starting when I know I will be interrupted or short of time.

This is still a work in progress.

  • Being honest when things go wrong

I have found honesty to be by far the best policy, especially when it comes to my business and technical limitations.

With launching of my new book I happily sent links to people saying they could get a copy of my new book, not realizing that in America you can only buy a kindle book from the American Amazon site.

I have found that offering to look into the problem (I didn't have a clue!) and being honest about how I am learning about the process (whether that is pay-pal, Skype, my website, or Amazon!) is the best way to deal with technical "blips"

  • Not expecting myself to be perfect

I am learning that I am good enough, and leaning all the time when it comes to business, tarot, and life itself.

I don't see that changing anytime soon!

In case you missed the links to my latest e-book (free until the 22nd) or was annoyed to find a link sending you to an Amazon shop in the U.K- where you couldn't buy it (sorry, my fault), here are some links

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