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Connect with your tarot cards, every-time.

The hardest part of being a professional tarot reader is needing to provide accurate and helpful readings, even when I might be tired, stressed, or in a busy venue.

Here are my top tips to always get "in the zone"

  1. Habit (ritual if you prefer) try to read for yourself regularly and create a personal habit that becomes automatic. How you store your cards, how you shuffle & chose your cards, any candles, crystals, prayers or affirmations you may use. Your brain will associate this ritual with being calm and connected. Exactly what and how you prepare for a reading is less important than the regular practice.

  2. A prayer, blessing or affirmation, asking your guides to help. I know there is a wide variety in how people see the tarot. Whether as a psychological tool, a way to connect with guides, or somewhere between the two. I work with guides, so I always invite my two main guides to help me. You may prefer to use a personal affirmation that the reading may "be for the clients highest good". Our words and minds are so important, having a positive statement helps you to mark the transition from personal to reader, from your wisdom, to tarot wisdom. I find this an empowering and helpful step.

  3. A clear connection with who/the question you are reading for. I have found it important if shuffling and the client wishes to talk off topic, to put the cards down until they are ready to focus with me. With email readings I find headphones and (don't laugh) whale music helps me to stay focused on my clients email. I believe the connection comes from the reader, so maintaining a clear focus whilst reading (and not thinking about dinner) is your responsibility.

  4. Relax and trust the process. I think an important part of a Tarot reading is to switch of the ego, logical side and let the intuition flow. It is very easy to feel a story from the cards, and not have the courage to say it because your logical brain talks you out of it. I have found learning to trust the process has made the biggest difference to my readings. But how to trust? That's number 5...

  5. I always start a reading with looking at the client right now, or their past. That way (presuming it is not email) they can confirm that I have formed a good insight. Reading for their past or present is measurable, and allows me to then read for possible futures- which is not measurable. Try this out with friends and family members; it's a great way to hone your tarot reading skills.

if you would like to learn tarot with me I have a Tarot mentor scheme based upon my book "Read the tarot with confidence" you can find details here

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