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Tales of a tarot proffesional

The greatest privilege of being a professional tarot reader is that I get a glimpse of the real person.

From the outside our lives seem together, our relationships great, our families cohesive. We present a mask of happy confidence to the world.

I get to see the pain, sadness, regret, worry, and general feelings of un-worthyness we all struggle with. (As well as a lot of hope, optimism and enthusiasm i should add...)

Seeing beyond the mask of so many has helped me to better appreciate the people in my life. To realise that people who seem strong and confident are often struggling.

It has made it easier for me to admit when I am not coping, to be more honest about how my life is going.

Students can be surprised by my level of emotional honesty when teaching tarot. I find working with the tarot opens honesty really quickly. Teaching tarot is teaching about life experiences- and it is all far more meaningful when open and honest.

The most common question I get asked about is Love.

Does he love me? Will she come back to me? Is he being honest with me?

Complicated, confused questions from people desperate to understand.

I have come to consider a relationship reading is like looking at ripples in a pond. I can see the subtle interactions between people, the unspoken feelings. The hopes, fears and desires.

Often nothing is certain in a relationship reading, no one is cheating, no one is sure or clear. Sometimes just to know that the cards have not picked up on deceit is enough to help.

Most often I pick up on the feeling of sadness that has locked a partner away in a mood that appears to others as anger.

Love readings are never easy, because there is rarely a simple answer. But they do give the client a chance to look at the complicated threads with a little more clarity and make a clearer decision.

The best feedback I can get in a reading is "yes, I kind of knew that really" A good tarot reading should be picking up on what you thought you knew. Most likely your inner critic (that little voice inside your head) drowned out what your instinct told you.

My job (using the tarot cards as a tool) is to connect with your psychic abilities and hear the message your own higher guidance has for you. As I am a "clear" channel (I have no emotional engagement with your problem) I can hear the message clearly.

That is why if I have a big problem that I want help with, I contact another tarot reader!

I use the cards daily to check in with how I am doing, to see if an idea is any good, to check out potential problems. But if I have a difficult problem- I see a Tarot reader!

So, to end where I began. I feel very privileged to be a tarot reader. It has allowed me to see the world through the eyes of my soul. Sometimes that is very painful, but most of the time it is a genuine joy.

My "regulars" whether students, or clients, have come to be people I am delighted to connect with, even if that is by phone or email.

They (you if it is you) have added much depth and love to my life.

A privaliged job indeed.

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