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The Star, navigating to your wish.

One of the (many) reasons I love Tarot is how the cards include simple instructions to help in life. They are not only a reflection of what is likely to happen, they include directions to help us create the life the life we would like.

The Star is an excellent example of this “instruction book” type of card.

Lets start with a question, what is a star?

Our sun is a star, it's just that as we are close to it, it fills our sky with light, during daylight hours.

Stars are simply "suns" a long (long, long) way away.

So have a look at how positive the sun card is. It is a happy, joyful, successful card. The sun is about clear focus, direction, seeing things clearly. I see the star card as focusing on your hope of a joyful and happy life (which may seem a long way off right now) and helping you to bring it into reality.

Which star is it?

Traditionally I have considered it to be the Pole star (the Wildwood Tarot names it as the pole star & the Druid Craft paints Ursa Minor pointing to the Pole star. Picture shown; Druid-craft Tarot)

The star is drawn with 8 points, as if a compass. In the Northern hemisphere the Pole star stays in the same place, and all the other stars progress around it. So if you want to navigate using the stars, you use the Pole star as your focus point. It helps you to find your direction.

The Star card seems to be saying “your hopes may seem a long way off, but journey towards them.

How do we do that?

The star card has advice about this too;

Notice how she is pouring water (seemingly in equal amounts) onto the earth, and into the water. Notice how she supports herself, with one leg on the earth, and one in the water.

Here I see the earth as representing the practical, physical world. The card is saying use half of your energy (life essence if you like) on living life, making things happen, getting the job done.

I see the pool as representing our inner journey. Use half of your energy working on the inner path. Connecting with the divine, understanding your-self, relaxing, reflecting, considering, dreaming, be-ing, praying…

It reminds me of the adage “God moves mountains, but you’d better bring a shovel”

I think the star card is saying;

  • Always navigate your life by focusing on your dreams, your hopes, your blessings (not by making fear or hate based decisions)

  • Ask the universe, pray to your Gods, whisper to your guides, build your inner self-confidence.

  • But that alone will not make dreams come true, you have to make a physical commitment as well.

Inspired by the Star card, one of my favourite cards (top favourite being 2 swords) I have created a tarot spread to help you navigate towards your hope. The dark nights of winter is a wonderful time to connect with your hopes for the coming year.

My reading will focus on;

  • Identifying your hope for 2017

  • What is blocking your dream?

  • Great steps you can take to create your dream, hope, goal.

  • Four mini advice readings to help guide you through the year, offering advice as you navigate towards your hope. Focused on Imbolc (early February), Beltaine (early May), Harvest (August) & Samhain (October)

If you'd like to book a reading for you, or a loved one (it makes a great gift) take a look here.

I will be introducing this spread to my Tarot Focus group on December 4th, and also to my teaching face-book group....


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