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Early Samhain gathering

We gathered in our barn again last night, for an early Samhain gathering. I arrived early to light the fire and enjoy the peace...sometimes my life can seem a little too busy.

I spent some time drumming. It's really hard to explain, but it is not me that drums, the drum itself (or Frey to be more precise) takes over. I am left listening to the sound with delight.

This time, not having others journeys to consider, I really lost myself in the drumming and heard words, and songs, and sounds that I have never heard before. The beat of the drum became horses hooves and I journeyed far with the sound of wind in my ears, and all this magic from one drum.

As people started to arrive we gathered around the fire and candles, keeping warm on a chilly evening. After the initial drumming I blew out the 12 candles in the centre to leave the fire as the warmth and light.

It's hard to appreciate how light candles are, until a fire is the main source of light!

As the evening progressed so our intent changed from my intent- Samhain release; to the groups intent- hard to contain, but simply put the inner strength of women.

And as we shared our last chant and drumming I felt the barn sway, and the drum become a heartbeat as I connected to the earth herself, feeling her great compassion and strength. It was a uniquely calming experience which I was loath to end.

When I started Shaman's Gate I never realised the simple power of a group gathered around a fire to connect, listen and support. It has been a truly transformational journey for me.

And I didn't appreciate the simple changes to my psychology that not having any electric lights or gadgets would make.

I might insist on a family cards by candle light one night a week....

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