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Spirits of Place

Have you ever walked into a space and felt a cold chill, an unsettled feeling that this is not the right place to be?

Have you ever walked into a space and felt a deep comfort, a sense of being welcome and at ease?

There are many explanations for such feelings;

  • memories from childhood (or past lives)

  • picking up energy resonances from past happenings

  • projected feelings from you

  • Connecting with spirits of place.

Working with Spirits of place is a wonderful way to feel more connected, not only with your home or favorite places- but with yourself.

What is a Spirit of Place

Well, honestly, it could probably be represented by anything; an animal, elemental, tree, fairy, spirit.

I think it's important to remember that any representation you see is your own cultural and personal history clothing the energy.

I might see a Norse God standing by a door, you may notice a strong oak, someone else may see a Spirit animal. They are all real representations to the individual, the essence of the energy is the same, and it is likely the messages are similar too.

How do I connect to Spirit of place;

  • First connect with yourself, focus on your breathing, the soles of your feet, what you can see around you, hear and smell.

  • Now keeping that connection with your body, close your eyes and settle the focus with in you.

  • Calm your "monkey mind" whether with breathing, drumming, chanting...

  • Open your heart to connect with any message from spirits of place.

  • As with anything worthwhile, this is a technique that is improved with practice- especially when practiced in the same place!

What might I experience?

  • Visual imagery- you might see things in your mind eye; yourself journeying, animals, people, spirits. Relax and trust the process, don't try and out think it.

  • Words & thoughts spontaneously in your head, you might just gain an awareness of something.

  • A feeling, of sadness, bliss, love.

  • You might see flashes from the corner of your eye, or feel a tingling in your body, the hairs may stand up on the back of your neck...

  • It is very limiting to explain how you might experience the connection, which is why a sense of knowing is the best description.

Spirits of Home and garden

Perhaps the most important spirits of place to connect with are the spirits of your place- your own home.

In your home set up a small space, perhaps in the kitchen or by the front door. A candle, a regular offering of a beautiful leaf, feather, flower or conker and a moments pause to be grateful for the place.

In your garden a part set aside for nature is perhaps the nicest way to connect with spirits of place, pausing a while in the same spot you just connect and be.

Feeding the birds with mindfulness, or creating a natural mandala with grateful creativity from the abundance of your garden.

And if you don't have a garden, a pot of herbs by the door or on the window ledge, with a crystal nestled in the pot, and a prayer of connection and gratitude each time you water the pot, or harvest the herbs.

As with most things worthwhile, it is the regular practice of a moments peace, connection and gratitude that makes the biggest difference.

Would you like to learn more?

My Shaman's gathering on the evening of October 5th (more information here) will be focusing on connecting to spirits of place.

I have been connecting in these barns for 18 months now, and the Spirits of Place are very present & very welcoming - it would be a lovely place for you to start connecting with spirits of place, or to develop your skills further.

There is more information about what happens in my shamanic group, the techniques I use, and my own journey to become a shamanic practitioner on my website;

Blessings, Maddy Elruna x

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