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Power animals

In April a group of us gathered to connect with our power animals. We made our intention clear, enjoyed some earth breathing and chanted.... and the barn was alive.

It seemed full. Birds, small furry animals, snakes, wolves and a large stag to name a few...

After the group paused for a moment to reflect on how crowded it seemed I led a pathworking meditation to deepen the connection. We followed our normal path, to the same tree- but with the intention of meeting an animal spirit guide.

The first thing I usually see is Frey (the Norse God) leaning against the tree. This time I saw one of his animal forms, a stag. This is not my personal power animal, but it was interesting to connect with Frey in this way.

Connecting with your power animal is an important part of shamanic work. They can guide you on your journey, answer questions, and often you can either morph into their shape, or travel on them. However it works, it can be inspiring and add a deeper understanding to your journey.

Working with a power animal helps you to understand youreself better in the everday world too. Acknowledging and developing your strengths and weaknesses as you see yourself reflected in your spirit animal.

It also srengthens communication and understanding of others you may be sharing a spiritual path with. As you come to understand each other's power animals you are communicating on a soul level.

Your power animal becomes a symbol, communicating so much more about your personality and spirit than "bear" or "stag".

This is part of the shaman's gift, makng connections on his personal web of wisdom.

The easiest way to start finding your animal (remember most people have more than one) is to use a guided meditation where a space is left for you to connect with your animal guide.

Set your intent clearly before you start, and be open minded about what you find. Sometimes your animal may appear first as a person, tree, or something else.

If it doesn't work the first time, regular practise at led meditation/path working is important. Try again another time.

When you find your power animal you my feel "yep I knew that" relialising it is an animal you already had a connnection with.

It's as if you already knew (my grey cat was like that).

Or it might be that you shudder and think "really?".

The animal is representing a side of you that you have not yet embraced and acknowledged.

My doe was like this, at first I was quite annoyed and frustrated. I have grown to love and accept her now, and journey with her a lot.

She has helped me to find a part of myself, and I am happier for that.

Sometimes the animal guide is there to help you develop a particular skill or area of your life.

I have a wolf that is helping me with the group shamanic work. I was very surprised and unneasy at first (wolf is not a natural animal for me).

Now I feel very empowered as my wolf sits by my feet when I chant, it helped me to step into a role that was quite a challenge at first.

And whether you animal is a mouse or an eagle remember;

"All animals are equal upon the cosmic web: none is better or worse than another, only possessed of different powers and skills"

Caitlin Matthews

So, if you have not already connected with your power animal- have a go!

And if you know what your power animal is, journey and build a conection with them, you can learn a lot about yourself...

Blessings, Maddy

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