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Gazing in the barn...

Shared with permission, this is the other half of the gazing experience...

What an amazing experience I had on that damp, chilly October evening. it was so lovely and atmospheric in the dark barn, lit only by the flickering candles and the crackling wood burning stove. It was very cosy and warm and I too had an amazing experience gazing with M. This was my third time gazing, my second in the old barn. I had met M at the Tarot workshop but too had only said "hello" so knew nothing of M's circumstances.

We got comfortable on our wooden bench with our blankets for comfort and started to gaze. I experienced a really strong feeling of sadness and felt that M had suffered something that had caused her great sadness. I felt so touched by this sadness that a tear rolled down my left cheek. I wanted to brush it away but was so captivated by the strength of my feelings that I did not want to break my gaze. So I decided to stay with this feeling hoping that the amazing connection that we had would offer M some comfort.

Having stayed with this for a while I decided that it was time to move on from this. I could only see the left hand side of M's face as the candle light put the right side of her face in shadow, but as I gazed her face came more into focus and wow I was amazed to see the most magnificent eagle looking back at me. With a very clear beady, yellow eye so bright and so clear, focused on me and a magnificent beak. I felt the need to blink to check that I was actually seeing this and when I started to gaze once more into M's face I saw that magnificent eagle looking back at me.

I wondered if this was one of M's spirit guides and as I gazed longer it took off and glided silently above us, circling in a vivid blue sky with some white fluffy clouds. I felt so relaxed and at peace and thought that if she paid close attention to her life and her home environment she would recieve a very important message. The eagle soared higher and higher and eventually disappeared from view.

My gaze then came back to M's face and I saw before me a very interesting woman. I experienced her wisdom and believe that she has lived a very full and interesting life and felt a strong connection to her. I felt strongly that I wanted to get to know her better and learn about her experiences. I also felt a very warm reassurance from her and sensed a wonderful, caring mother sitting in front of me.

As my gaze continued I saw a change in M's face. Her features changed slightly and I saw a man with a thin black moustache that continued round and onto his chin in a circle. At first I wondered if this was someone who had been in M's life but did not recieve any messages or form any further thoughts on him. Once again I tried blinking and the image came straight back.

I blinked again and saw M's face once again in the flickering candlelight and once again wow I had a real 3D image that jumped right out from the right hand side of her head. It was a beautiful chestnut horse and I had the impression that it was a thoroughbred stallion. When I spoke to M when we had finished our gazing I asked her about the bearded man but she could not think of anyone she knew and wondered if this was her in a previous life. I have wondered since whether he had a message for her. We also talked about the horse and M told me that her husband had a passion for race horses. We talked about the horse as a free spirit and how this related to her husband.

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