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Alumni page...

You're here because you've completed/paid for of my rune-lore courses, or you are already a part of my community.

You will receive my monthly emails for free (do tell me if you'd rather not receive them),

You are most welcome to join my monthly calls, and enjoy all the other benefits, for a contribution that suits your income.

Any questions? Just email me.

Glad to have you here.



Best Value

Rune-Gata Alumni



Every month

I have suggested £15- but feel free to set up a plan for less, or more.

Valid until canceled

Full access to the Rune-Gata resources

Monthly Zoom community call

For those who have completed the Rune-Gata course

Because learning never stops

If you have the link to this page it is because you are either  a rune alumni, or a part of my journey to get to this point.

Community is really important to me, and I don't want to create a closed curriculum that just lasts for a year.

You'll be a part of everything from Rune-Gata;

  • Monthly emailed notes

  • Monthly community Zoom call

  • Recorded healing/shamanic journey.

  • A growing library of video resources.

  • Special offers for 1-2-1

I have suggested £15 a month- but I am offering this based on contribution. If I sent you this link it means I trust you- if you can afford a  more then I would be most grateful, and if you can't afford what I've suggested please don't let money be the reason you don't join. 

There are three ways to contribute financially;

  • Set up monthly payments with my package.

  • Set up a bank transfer for an amount that works for you (no explanations needed)

  • Send a payment monthly- I'll email in the first week with notes, and adjust the payment according to your circumstances (via pay-pal, bank transfer, or cash)

Life is so much richer when we share the path together.

Want a little more detail? Take a look at the public page here.





Monthly focus- 19 months, 16 runes and 3 "integrate" months where we look at all of the runes. 

September -h,,   October- j    November- u   December-   January - Integrate   February- i   March-n   April-m May- June- July-Integrate   August-o   September-t   October-r   November- k   December- a   January-Integrate  February--b  March- l

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