Connect with your power animal/spirit guide

My experience is that we all have power animals/spirit guides. They are their to help, guide and protect us. For anyone involved in spiritual work they are immensely valuable.  The purpose of this module is to help you find -and most importantly develop a working relationship with- your guides. 

What is the difference between power animals/spirit guides?

Many people have both! My experience is your guides will reflect your cultural heritage/interests and will reflect you and how you perceive the world. 

Generally speaking (there are no absolutes) a power animal is something you can send into the spirit (or physical) world to do work on your behalf (see podcast on how a power animal can help). You can also "become" your power animal during shamanic/healing work, and can use some of the animal's energies to support you in everyday life. 

Spirit Guides tend to appear as "human like" they may reflect people of the first nations (from whom we are all descended), deities from a pantheon that reflects you, elementals, angels, ancestors, or people you have known who have now passed. Spirit guides are never still living in physical form - this is about the only clear rule I have found as yet. 

I will refer to these as "guides" now- to reflect power animals and spirit guides.

Guides generally fall into three groups;

  • Of the soul. You will find two or three guides who just seem to fit. They are a part of your soul. They tend to be unchanging. They can be challenging at times, but they are a part of you.

  • Teacher guides. These come in to offer guidance when you need it, then move out of your life again.

  • Companions. Often less challenging than your soul guides. These are guides that are comfortable, helpful, and just make life a little easier. 


Things to consider;

  • Please don't do this work if you are in a state of serious shock or trauma, or under the influence of drink or drugs. 

  • Make sure you have enough time to do the journey comfortably, to record any notes afterwards, and to ground yourself at the end. 

  • Great ways to ground; Eat something mindfully. Stand outside. Hug yourself. Do something practical.

So.… lets look a little more deeply at the core concepts of these journeys;

Will, ego, power- a heady mix of words to describe the energy of our solar plexus. It is essential we have a strong ego, to know what we want- and to be able to meet our own needs. This is not about pushing our needs onto others. It is the exact opposite; it is about meeting our own needs to release us from co-dependent relationships in our personal and work lives.

The fire (or possibly lack of fire) you experienced on your journey represents your ego, solar plexus, and personal energy. 

Hopefully it was a beautiful fire, contained with in a fire pit. Hot, flames, but not out of control. But don’t worry if it wasn’t- a little bit of self-care will start to put that right.  And even if you saw nothing- all of these tips will help your energy levels/power regardless.

When we give away too much of our power- by meeting others needs and neglecting our own- our fire can grow dim. 

When we over focus on needing others to validate us, pushing our power to try and create the response we want from others, our fire can get out of hand.

Self-care is the simple answer to both problems. Selfcare creates personal energy and meets our own needs- all in one go!  The most powerful act you can make is to meet your own needs. 

This is deeply personal- I can make suggestions, but you must make it fit your life. 

• Keep a journal. You will forget, a day, a week, and think you are following through. So keep a journal and make yourself accountable.

• Make a list of small things you can do- 20 minutes is ideal- that count as self-care. ( a walk, a bath, audio-book, meditating, paint your toe nails, ring a friend, watch a comedy show, yoga, dance, crafting, make an amazing sandwich…)

• Do three acts of self-care each day.

Now here are a few rules to tweak your practice

• Turn your phone onto silent- it doesn’t count if you are reading messages/browsing social media etc. The news NEVER counts.

• Not work related!!!!!! That book doesn’t count if it is directly related to work- make it a hobby, an interest, fiction.
• Monitor feelings of guilt, restlessness. If you feel them just pause. Acknowledge you feel this way, then give yourself permission to relax into whatever you are doing. You may need to do this a lot. Don’t worry, all part of the practice.
Remember. Personal Power starts with meeting your own needs. This creates energy, builds boundaries, and means you are comfortable with your power. 
Self limiting blocks
We all carry a million tiny self limiting beliefs. Many have been picked up from others “she’s just not that bright” “she can’t hold note”  “she has trouble losing weight” we hear the words, somewhere deep inside us we believe they could be true, and they sink deeper creating frameworks that we believe we must live within.
Other self limiting beliefs come from us. In times of trouble we make unconscious peas to the universe “If I’m good Dad will stay” as the little girl grows- that promise is now translated into her partner, and she finds she has does what she thinks she should, rather than what she wants to. “If he lives I’ll never cry again” “Money makes people sad, I never want money” (says the unhappy child of parents arguing over money)
These beliefs run in our unconscious, habitually blocking us from achieving what we really want. And because we have got used to these little habitual beliefs- we often don’t even realise they are there.
If you found a key self limiting block/contract in our journey here is my key advice;

• Create an appropriate affirmation, or new contract. Keep it in the present tense, positive, and keep playing with it until it feels right. I’ll use the example if  “I’m just a waste of space” (yes a real example) which can now be “I am good enough” Take your time with this, play around with ideas, make it just right for you.


• Write your affirmation down. Pen and paper are magic in their own right. You may want to have it as a screen saver on your phone, under your pillow- use this affirmation. Say it out loud, doodle it, write it- maybe each day.


• Bring your affirmation into the physical world- ideally with something you can hold. A crystal, a pebble, piece of jewellery, even a mug! Something that you associate with this affirmation.


• Set aside some time- get into a meditative state, write your affirmation down, daydream- emotionally connect- to how this new way of being will make you feel. In my example with friends my client will feel relaxed and welcomed, at work they will feel valued. Imagine the situations- and how you will be able to feel with his new contract guiding you.


• Now hold your object and really intensify those positive emotions. Maybe you gaze at your object, study it, or blow the energy into it. Its up to you. 


• Then use the object, and the written affirmation daily to help you to bring this new way of being into your life. 
What if you didn’t experience anything clearly? Or the experience was vague, hard to pin down


• Journaling often helps. Write (doodle if you prefer) about the workshop, what you experienced. You could even include “I was walking down the path, I could see a greenness then I started thinking about dinner and got distracted.  I pulled my mind back feeling quite cross” you get the idea- just keep writing, then read back. You may be surprised. 


• Keep a dream journal- even more powerful. Write down in your dream journal before you go to sleep what you would like to understand, then record your dreams- even if they don’t seem to answer your questions.
It is worth following this few for several days, and then reading back over the dreams.

Why is this hard?
Its very simple. At some time in your life, for the best of reasons, you decided you can’t deal with this. 

Now you are trying to protect you from harm and upset- how amazing is that! So it may take a few journeys to really understand this fully.


If you couldn’t access your contracts- it is, you are protecting you. The key is-

• Find your gift.

• Use your gift!!!!! Find small ways to bring it into your life- you might want to find a physical representation of your gift to place in your home to help manifest its energy. (throat chakra people a blue scarf/pendent can help!)


• Work with your fire (perhaps use that meditation daily for a while)


• Follow through with the self-care.


• Then try to access the cave of contracts again.

And don’t be mad at yourself if it takes some time- this is deeply powerful work. It is life changing, so be patient. And above all be kind to yourself. 

If you notice your fire changes with time, maybe out completely one day, but better the next

  • Just check in with yourself regarding stress, relationships, work etc- is there an outside influence that is causing this change?

  • This work is very much connected with shame.  As you uncover blocks and work through your shadow your fire may dim, or even go out as you process your shame (such a common emotions, and so very damaging). Remember that sometimes the best thing to do is take a break, spend a few days watching comedy, reaching out to friends and self nurturing. We al need a break- even from self work- along the way.

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This work is deeply connected to your solar plexus

This symbol is the traditional symbol for the solar plexus, and in the chakra photograph the solar plexus is the yellow, 3rd chakra up.

If you want to do more work on your chakras I have a chakra cleanse on my led meditations page here.

If you work with Tarot here are some cards that might help. 

You could create a vision board with these cards, or just meditate with them- remember the cards can imagery can sink into your unconscious, helping to reprogram it. 


  • The Sun

  • Strength

  • 4 wands

  • Ace of wands

  • Queen of wands

Remember as well- you can work with your solar plexus in the physical world by;

  • Working with yellow crystals.

  • Wearing yellow.

  • Using candles to gaze at, or meditate with.

  • Saying your affirmations out loud whilst looking in the mirror. 

  • Practicing self care.

  • Laughing!!!!!!