Struggling now? Have a browse of my podcast, see if I can help a little....

Released as a podcast for the Blue Moon, but valid anytime you need it! My release & heal drummed meditation is here.

A brand new drummed and chanted meditation- focused on clearing the throat chakra.

Having troubles saying what you need to say? Try this and clear that block!


The first of my recorded chants- this one is "deeply rooted" working with the earth, solar plexus, crown and heart.

Finding peace in difficult times- you can find this short chanted meditation here.

Ground & Protect
00:00 / 21:26
healing & peace
00:00 / 23:30
Releasing negative emotions
00:00 / 25:44
Chakra cleanse
00:00 / 15:51
00:00 / 17:43
World tree
00:00 / 09:31