To read reversals, or not?

When I first started reading Tarot I did read reversals- it helped me to highlight if the energy of a card was “stuck” or to decide which cards were expressing a more “negative” expression of their meaning.

The seven years ago I decided to start teaching Tarot, and I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to teach...

  • Did I want to follow the books of other tarot authors- asking my client to purchase their books and then using them to underpin my teaching?

  • Did I want to focus on numerology, elements, dignities and the like?

  • Did I want to focus on lots of decks?

I thought about what I loved about Tarot – and it was the imagery- so I decided to teach based primarily on what the images were expressing. And one tarot deck was my absolute favourite- the Rider-Waite deck.

So began quite a lengthy process. Over a 9 month period I began my second study of the Rider-Waite deck. The process was simple, for each card (court cards, the 4 suits, then the major arcana) I..

  • · Gazed at the card for 30 minutes, just looking. Nothing else.

  • · Then I wrote my notes based on what I had seen. This included not only the images and symbolism- but what did I think happened before the picture, and what was about to happen afterwards. Placing the picture in a “narrative”.

  • · I would also look carefully at the card in its natural place with in the deck- so if I was looking at the 4 of wands I would have all the 4s laid out, and the rest of the suit of wands. Again looking to understand the narrative.

  • · Next I compared the card to the equivalent card in the Thoth & DruidCraft deck, looking to find the similarities and differences.