Looking to learn more about tarot?

Have a browse of this page for all my free resources, click on the different links for practical Tarot card meanings. (Still in progress- I will cover the entire deck & spreads)

Looking for a little more?

I have a growing YouTube channel- with lots of videos teaching Tarot which you can find here.

I have lots of Blogs if you prefer to read... take a look here

I have downloadable/printable handouts- covering every card in-depth- for £8.50 ($11). Simply buy via the pay-pal button and I will email you the PDF.


I am running Tarot lessons via zoom-  They are fortnightly and will cover the entire tarot deck in 9 workshops- including detailed handouts. Join at any point, then just keep going until you've finished! You can find tarot workshops here.

Or you can work with me 1-2-1 via skype. The first lesson is £45 and includes full notes on every card emailed in advance. After that I sell  bundles of three one hour lessons for £145. 

There is no time restraint on booking the lessons- you book them as best suits you. 

Each lesson can cover whatever you want- teaching individual cards, practical spreads, using tarot to guide your life, through to supporting you as you start to read for other people, or even go pro.

Three card reading talking through
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To help guide you as you learn to read tarot- this voice clip will talk you through a "how should I best be today" daily reading. 

Listen to the clip- and read the cards for yourself. 


  • Record your thoughts in a journal.

  • Research any cards that need clarity (you can print my crib sheets out if it helps.

  • Write out any practical advice, warnings, affirmations.

  • Remember to look back at your notes- how did your day reflect your reading?

Repeat, repeat, learn and grow!

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