It can be hard to get started with tarot,

so let me help...


For a start you can download my free "Introduction to Tarot" right here.  It doesn't cover individual cards- rather it covers some of the questions people most commonly ask me about how to read the tarot.

To get you started on the individual cards I have a practical crib-sheet. It is designed to work with my simple guidance spread.  you can use this as your daily or weekly spread, or to offer advice in any area of your life. 

  1. Decide your question (I suggest "How should I best...."

  2. Shuffle the cards in a focused and reflective mind.

  3. Lay the three cards as the image instructs.

  4. Look at the spread before looking up any meanings (ideally write a few thoughts down)

  5. Then look at the crib-sheet for inspiration.

  6. A good Tarot reading is usually a blend of inspiration & wisdom- so don't be constrained by my crib-sheet- it is only a starting point.

You can find the Crib-sheet right here

Tarot for difficult times- my crib sheet to help you  read for yourself when life is hard- download for free here.

Looking for a little more?

I have some great online courses on Teachable- take a look here

Prefer the personal touch?

Head to my calendar- and book  40 minute 1-2-1 Tarot teaching session. Whether you want me to cover the absolute basics, cover certain cards in-depth, or answer any Tarot questions you may have (including reading for clients.

The 1-2-1 is done via skype and costs £55 ($77) You can book up here. 

If you want to book a block of three sessions you can get 10% off your purchase (just email me to confirm)

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