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10 favourite tarot books

10; Who Are You in The Tarot (Greer)

This is a fun book, find your soul card based upon your birth date, as well as soul cards of friends and family. Lots of great insights to be learnt about the tarot cards, as you reflect upon yourself and those you know. Its the kind of book where you forget you are learning.

9: Professional Tarot (Jette)

This was a really helpful book for me. It may be outdated on the technical front (there are better books for launching an internet business) but I love the way it is written and have found it inspirational and motivational. I regularly dip into it.

8; The only Tarot Book you'll ever Need (Skye Alexander)

Sometimes I just want a simple book to refer to. This is well researched, with a surprising amount of depth for such a small book. A great starting place.

7: Tarot as a Way of Life (Karen Hanmaker-Zondag)

I love Jungian psychology and I love Tarot. Reading this books has me reaching for the cards and looking at them with fresh eyes. She seems to write with such passion, I may not agree with everything- but it makes me question what I believe and that is a good thing.

6; Tarot dictionary and compendium (Riley)

A simple idea. Take each card and compare what different tarot writers think of the card .Fantastic. When I am researching Tarot this book and my Rider-Waite deck is always my starting point. Best of all it highlights the difference between Tarot scholars which defiantly inspired me to find my original voice.

5; The Druid-Craft Tarot (Carr-Gomm)

The book that comes with the deck. I love to use Tarot as a transformational tool, and this book & deck helped me to develop that skill. I would argue whether you read with this deck or not the book is powerful in how it presents tarot as a tool for change. It has had a big impact on how I use the tarot.

4;Tarot card meanings (Paul F Case)

I love the in-depth references to Plato, Hebrew and Ritual magic in this book. I could lose myself in it for hours. it may not be how I read the tarot, but it has added real depth to my understanding of tarot.

3; The Crowley Tarot (Arkon, Hajo banzhaf)

I don't read with the Thoth deck, but I find Crowley's view on the cards to be inspiring and powerful. I love how this book looks at the same card from many different angles. It has been invaluable to me.

2;Tarot and the tree of life (Kliegman)

This is the book that made me fall in love with the minor arcana (it doesn't cover the majors!). It colored certain cards for me, forever. My copy is dogeared, underlined with endless notes scrawled in the margins as I debated with the author in her book.

1; Seventy eight degrees of wisdom (Rachel Pollark)

The first book I ever read on tarot, and still my favourite. First it taught me about tarot. Then it inspired me to find my own insights. Most of all it helped me to see tarot as a tool to help, to guide, to inspire. It is the basis of everything I do as a Tarot reader. Now many years on my reading of many of the cards is quite different from this, my starting point. But it was Rachel Pollock's insightful way of writing that gave me the depth of understanding to find my own insight.

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