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Thoughts on life as a fulltime Tarot "pro"

Of course I can’t actually talk about being “a” Tarot pro- there are so many different business models out there (isn’t that exciting!) Some pros work on phone lines, others for cafes or alternative bookstores. Some focus on psychic fairs, word of mouth clients, email only, in person only. Some readers only do very long readings, others only short urgent readings. For some readers this is a part time gig squeezed in around a busy life, for others it’s their only full time income.

This is a brief insight into my job as a tarot -pro, what I really spend my time on, what I love, and what I hate…

Working as a Tarot reader and Shaman is my full time job, and it has to raise a good income as I rent in the UK (costs are high) and am a single mum to 4 teens. This work supports my family, and pays our bills. It didn't start that way- 9 years ago it was very part time, totally in-person, and more of a life-style hobby than a job.

I guess over time every Tarot reader finds a way of reading that suits them. Mine is focused on advice, mindset work, practical help. I try to weave practical life guidance into the readings. If the future isn’t fixed (which is my firm belief) then Tarot is a great way to help you create your best future- this has created a business which focuses a lot on return clients, people who have found my reading made a positive difference in their life and so book in again.

I’ve lost track of how many of my clients have found me, my advertising has changed over the years as my business has changed. I used to focus a lot on business cards in local shops-I had a map of the local area and would spend a couple of days a month driving around putting up flyers. Labour intensive- but definitely helped find local clients. Now my advertising is more focused online- YouTube videos, lots of free tarot resources on my website, social media – Trying to express who I am so the right clients find me, rather than direct advertising.

I have streamlined administration as much as possible (I HATE admin), and the best business decision I ever made was to have an online booking system. This means client find my available slots, book in, and pay automatically- freeing up a lot of time.

The vast majority of my working hours are spent in client times. I have a range of appointments- from 20 minutes (emergency tarot reading) to a deep dive (2 ½ hours) which is often for blended tarot/shaman sessions- but I have had some clients spend all that time on just Tarot.

It can be exhausting working high client hours. I have two habits that keep me going. Coffee (not the best habit I know) but it helps me. And “earth breathing”. During a session I keep my feet flat on the floor and breathe “through” my feet, ensuring that I am grounded and rooted through out a session. This keeps the energy flowing, and though it may be a bit woo-woo for some, it really works for me!

I do love client work, I think you need to- every session is really important to the client, as a reader I need to be 100% engaged and focused. What I love most about my work is the sheer diversity; from bit-coin to racing horses, from marriage to business, from a deep past life healing to a “why does my boss hate me”. No two readings are the same, that definitely keeps me interested.

I hate admin- my calendar is a little crazy, as Mum-taxi to four teens, with numerous Zoom classes a month that I teach, and client hours- trying to ensure that I can always be where I need to be is a struggle. I have one diary- once its in the diary, its in the diary. If its on a scrap of paper I will not remember- so writing everything down in the same diary is key.

I LOVE research. Planning a tarot workshop, rune-lore course, blog. These really keep me calm and sane- I get lost in the topic and would definitely like to spend more time writing and researching. With reviews on my published Tarot book being good, I am starting to write a second book on shamanism. I think its important that I keep learning, keep growing, and research and content creation are very much "me time" within my work hours.

So what does life look like for me as a Tarot pro? (I’ll leave aside the madness of home life for now)

I have certain client hours I’m available for- with some early starts (8am) and some late finishes (10pm) as the one thing I know is that client’s lives are complicated!

Each workday (I work 5 days a week):

I check my schedule, and plan for what non-client work I need to do (answering emails, planning workshops, creating content, admin).

I check the clients booked in, if they are a regular client, I will make sure I have any notes ready (some of my clients uses the sessions for teaching sessions, so I need to be ready for those as well)

I prefer to have a couple of “long days” a week (8am- 9pm) and a couple of short days (say 5pm-10pm), so each workday can be very different. On long days I make sure I have easy “on the go” food for breaks, on short workdays I catch up with non-client work or go out with my kids.

I always take a moment before each client to be still, breath deeply, and be fully present. Once a client session starts, I am totally engaged. My life recedes – my job is to listen and use my skills to best help that client in that moment. Honestly it’s a bit of an adrenalin rush- each session is a fresh session, waiting for my attention- and I love the sense of focus that is needed from me.

I do have some clients and sessions that pull at my heart strings, where I feel a genuine sadness for what some one is going through. Its take n me a while to learn how to let that go, that it isn’t helpful for anyone if I become overly attached.

Because my business is mostly based around long-term clients I find a great deal of genuine satisfaction from my work- I am in the privileged situation of knowing many people at a deeply emotional level. That is without doubt the best part of my job- the people I meet along the way.

The worst part is admin (just not my strong suit) and the hours I need to work currently based on my life situation.

But if I won the lottery (not that I play) or didn’t need the income in someway- I would still work as a Tarot pro, because I love the connection with people that the cards have bought allowed me to create in my life.

Before I took the plunge to "go pro" the one card I always got for my business was the Ace of Cups. It's only now, with hindsight, that I realise how the personal connection is worth even more than any wage earnt.

A photo of me from the start of my pro journey. Then I was only reading with the Druid-Craft deck (its now the Rider-Waite), I only did in person readings (now on Zoom, Skype, phone, and in person), taught shamanism but didn't offer healings (I know do both) and was fitting in work around being a Mum and wife (now being a single Mum fits in around work). But I have realised my dream of publishing a Tarot book- Shaman book, Rune-lore book, and Rune-lore oracle deck still projects under way!

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