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The secret warning in the 8 of Wands

How do you feel when you see the eight of wands? Excited, energised, inspired, optimistic?

Do you start to pack your bags thinking that a holiday is foretold?

Do you feel optimistic that your plans are coming together nicely, and things should start to go really well really quickly?

I love the 8 of wands. As a high energy, some could say "driven" individual this card suits me well...

Except for one time;

It kept cropping up, and I just couldn't place it.

At the time a longstanding friendship was facing difficulties, but i didn't put the two together- until I read for help on the friendship.

And there was the 8 of wands centre stage.

It took me a while to work it through.

If the Ace of wands can be inspiration striking, then by the Gods the 8 of wands can be a whole lot of sudden insights, one after the other.

And that's when I got it, everything everyone had been telling me about this friend, about how she was using me, not respecting me, cancelling and letting me down, using me as free child care....was true.

Literally as I sat looking at the card it was like a series of realisations hit me on the head. And it really wasn't nice- though I'm sure sometimes the 8 of wands is a breakthrough in a much more positive way!

I would just watch out, for when it keeps cropping up and you just can't "get it"

Watch out especially if it is paired with;

The Tower- breakdown or breakthrough?

The Devil- what won't you allow yourself to see?

The Moon- you haven't got the whole picture.

The Magician- someone is manipulating you.

Or is regularly paired with a court card.

And may the 8 of wands bring you blessings, and not a bash on the head...

I love sharing an teaching Tarot- I have lots of free resources on my website here. Or join me on Zoom- I'm talking tarot most weeks on a Monday evening- find out more here.


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