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Rune chants to heal the chakras....

When I do shamanic healing for clients using chanting (or Lokk-Seidr) via Zoom I often use particular rune sounds to clear each of the chakras. I have moved into this way of working quite intuitively, and as a direct result of doing a lot more work via Zoom. When working face to face I use tuning forks to clear the chakras, and I needed something to replace this tool during Zoom sessions.

Recently I had the chance to explore this technique in a workshop with some students who have been using Lokk-Seidr in group sessions for several years.

First we explored the runes I would usually use with clients, and I shared the affirmations I would connect with each of the chakras. (I have included a link to me chanting these runes, and more, here)

The runes I use are from the Younger Futhark, you can see the runes associated with each of the deities here.

Crown (purple) “I am” Odin “oss”

Third eye (indigo) “I connect” Freya “mann”

Throat (turquoise) “I speak my truth” Tyr “tyr”

Heart (green) “I am loved” Jord “ar”

Solar plexus (yellow) “I have a choice” Thor “tor”

Sacral (orange) “All is possible” Njord “laug”

Root (red) “I am safe” Vidar “ur”

I chanted for the group so they could experience the chant, and we chanted the sounds together- always a powerful way to work.

Then the fun began, each person chose the runes that they would use as a chakra chant, and explored whether they preferred chanting from the root up, or crown down. (In a healing I usually chant from the crown down).

I had the 16 runes on paper on the floor, and one by one we selected our 7 runes, would chant them as a group, and then allow any changes the individual wanted- chanting to check the changes felt right.

Some in the group chose runes purely intuitively (what I would refer to as a Seidr mindset). And yet when we tested the chant it felt powerful to them, and they experienced energy shifts and changes. To most of the rest of us these intuitive personal chants felt “odd”.

Most in the group used a mixture of Seidr mindset (pure intuition) and Galdr (a more logical mindset based on known associations). I worked with a mix of Seidr and Galdr- I chose Tyr for the throat because as a God he did speak with honesty, but also intuitively it felt right.

The important part of this work is always the testing. Once we chanted the 7 runes most people chose to swap one or two, to fine tune their decision.

After the experience we came up with a more “mutable” list with several different runes for some of the chakras, and a feeling we might change them depending on our mood.

We chose Loki as our “wild card” (no surprise there) and felt we would use his rune if one chakra needed deep healing, a change was needed. I love working with Loki, but caution is needed with this rune/deity. Based on previous experience we chose to chant Loki’s name “Loki” rather than the sound of his rune “kreft” as it has associations with illness which seemed better left un-chanted.

Our "mutable" list..

Crown: Odin ("oss") seemed the most popular here. I liked Frey ("fe") for the crown, but then I could have happily had this rune for every chakra. Freya ("mann") also seemed to work well.

Third eye: Freya (“mann”) seemed to work best, with Odin (“oss”) also working well. I wanted the Norns (“nud”) here – with my connection to working as a seer, but in fact found my least favourite rune Heimdall (“hagl”) worked best for me. Perhaps its a cautionary note that a little structure is a useful thing.

Throat: Tyr (“tyr”) worked well, with Skathi (“is”) or Heimdall (“hagl”) being good choices. Odin (“oss”) is also a powerful choice – Odin has many connections with words, though perhaps his truth is not always clear.

Heart: Jord (“ah”) was seen as a gentle choice, with Hel (“rei”) having a deeper resonance. We tried Frigg (“bjork”) but felt the sadness wasn’t quite what we were looking for.

Solar Plexus: I have used Baldr in the past (“sol”) but much prefer the group choice of Thor (“tor”) – it packs a punch for this chakra! Loki (kreft- chanted as “Loki”), and Skathi (“is”) were also used.

Sacral: Njord (“laug”) remained a strong choice, I loved Freya (“mann”) here, and Frigg (“bjork”) also worked well.

Root: Unsurprisingly I loved Frey (“fe”) here, but it was not loved by the group who suggested the energy was too “light” for the root, and they found it hard to ground with fee as the root. Ull (“ull”) was a strong choice, as was frigg (“bjork”) and Vidar (“ur”).

I loved sharing this workshop, it was fascinating to see how individuals chose their runes, and how the experience of the chant changed based on the runes we chose. I now have two runic-chakra chants, the one at the start of the blog which I use for clients, and a more personal one that works for me at the moment.

If you want to hear/experience me chanting for the chakras the audio link is here.

With all work of this nature it is the “testing” the matters, staying connected to the experience of the chant and changing it as needed to ensure it continues working.

At the moment my preferred personal chant is:

Crown (purple) “I am” Odin “os”

Third eye (indigo) “I connect” Heimdall “hagl”

Throat (turquoise) “I speak my truth” Tyr “tyr”

Heart (green) “I am loved” Loki “Loki”

Solar plexus (yellow) “I have a choice” Thor “tor”

Sacral (orange) “All is possible” Freya “mann”

Root (red) “I am safe” Frey “fe”


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