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Stav is the foundation of my life. It shapes how I perceive world. The wisdom, practices and people of Stav are the bedrock of my life. This  page is in progress- I will add more as time allows. 


I struggle to write about Stav for various reasons.

#1 Its such a big topic I don’t know where to start.

#2 I know so little, there are so many others with far more experience and knowledge than me- I worry about doing justice to the wisdom.

#3 Its personal. Most of my understanding comes from my own personal journey.


So I’m going to try- to share my personal take on Stav (none of which is definitive), and to link to others that share elements of Stav.

No Stav journey can start with out a link to the Hiembu Page- here you will find information shared by Ivar, it is his family tradition which I was so blessed to be able to step into.


Stav is a wisdom tradition based on the 16 runes of the younger Futhark. Each of the runes has a focused movement (a little like tai-chi), a name, sound, at least one deity associated with it. You can find a YouTube demonstration of the stances here. 


Stav has a strong martial tradition, using the staff to explore the lines and runes. This is for far more than a fighting art, it is an aid to understand yourself and the Stav principles. Ice and Fire (run by Graham Butcher) teaches the martial tradition, and I am co-ordinating with Simon Cole to come and teach the physical/martial at the Barns.


I am currently researching other Stav pages and will add links as I find them. 

Fun as programmes like The Vikings and The Last Kingdom may be- reading the Edda's and Saga's for yourself (or listening to them on audio-book) is a great way to connect to the tales. 


If you are looking for great places to start I recommend; Norse Mythology, by Neil Gammon, The Poetic Edda (Jackson Crawford has a great translation), and The Volsung Saga. I know some would disagree- but The Lord of The Rings is  a great Nordic inspired tale as well. 

I translated the Old Norse and Icelandic (in italic) rune poems  myself. As with everything I have written it is not definitive- it works for me. But do check and see how other people have translated them.

Frey (fe)  f

Wealth causes strife amongst kinsmen

The wolf lives in the wood.


Wealth- source of discord amongst kinsmen

And fire of the fsea

And path of the serpent


Vidar (ur)  u

Dross is from bad iron

Oft runs the reindeer on the hard snow


Shower- lamentation of the clouds

And ruin of hay harvest

And abomination of the shepherd.



Thor (tor)  j

Thor causes anguish of woman

Misfortune makes few men cheerful.


Thor- torture of woman

And cliff dweller

And husband of giantess



Odin (oss) o

Estuary is the way of most journeys

But the sheath is that for the sword



God- aged gautr

And prince of Asgard

And Lord of Vallhalla



Hel (rei)  r

Riding it is said is worst for horses

Reginn forged the best sword



Riding- joy of horsemen

And speedy journey

And toil of the steed



Loki (kreft)  l

Ulcer is the curse of children

Death makes a man pale



Ulcer- disease fatal to children

And painful spot

And abode of mortification


Heimdal (hagl)  h

Hail is the coldest of the grains

Christ (crystal?) formed the world in ancient times



Hail- cold grain

And shower of sleet

And sickness of serpents



Urd, Verdandi, Skuld (nud)  n

Need makes for a difficult situation

The naked freeze in the frost



Constraint- grief of the bond-maid

And state of oppression

And toilsome work


Skarthe (is)  i

Ice we call the broad bridge

The blind need to be led


Ice- bark of rivers

And roof of the wave

And destruction of the doomed


Jord (ar)  a

A good harvest is the profit of men

I say the Lord was generous


Plenty- boon to men

And good summer

And thriving crops


Balder & Forseti (sol)  s

The sun is the light of the lands

I bow to the holiness

Sun- shield of the clouds

and shining ray

and destroyer of ice



Tyr (tyr)  t

Tyr is the one handed among the Aesir

The smith has to blow often.


Tyr- god with one hand

And leavings of the wolf

And prince of  temples


Frigg (Bjork)  b

Birch tree is the limb greenest with leaves

Loki brought the luck of deceit



Birch- leafy twig

And little tree

And fresh young shrub


Freya (mann)  m

Mankind is the increase of dust

Mighty is the talon span of the hawk.


Man-delight of man

And augmentation of dust

And adorner of ships


Njord (laug)  l

Waterfall is that which falls from the mountain as a force

But gold objects are costly things.


Water- eddying stream

And broad geyser

And land of fish.



Ull (ull)  y

Yew is the greenest of wood in the winter

There is usually, when it burns, crackling


Yew- bent bow

 and brittle iron

And giant of the arrow

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