Tarot spread- "Who am I?"

One of the most powerful ways to use Tarot is to understand yourself better.

An improved mindset, and releasing self limiting blocks really is life changing. I use a simple analogy about raffle tickets. Two friends chatting- one comments “I’m so unlucky, I never win anything at these raffles” And friend asks “but have you even bought a raffle ticket?”

It’s a crap analogy because I hate raffles- but it is true in life. If you believe you can’t achieve something then you will unconsciously block yourself from achieving (often even starting).

Our perception of the world is coloured by our expectations- and often we have held them so long we are not even aware of them.

So this is my “who am I” spread. I have used this as a starting point for shamanic healings and longer tarot readings. It is also a great starting point for journaling, meditating, and a great Tarot spread to share with a friend.

You can do the spread simply for “who am I?” or you can chose a specific area or role of your life to focus on. I am focusing on my role as shaman.

Cards 1, 2, 3- How I present to others. This could be your social masks, perhaps a persona you wear. In astrology this is your ascendant. Other people see this, it is likely this is parts of you are comfortable with (though it could include projections too)

Cards 4, 5, 6- Who I feel I am. This is the “core” you right now (we all change). This is your core identity- you may reveal this to close friends, family. This is who you are when you are totally comfortable. In astrology this would be your sun sign.

Cards 7, 8, 9- Your shadow. These are parts of you that you are less comfortable with. Perhaps you keep them hidden even from yourself? I have seen these represent past wounds from childhood that have altered a person’s character. Or maybe they are just parts of you that you don’t like, project on to others (compare these to the first row- any correlation?).

I love a 9 card grid. Obviously we have three rows. But we also have three columns too. And we have a central card to really focus on.