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One Tarot card to end the madness

Are you like me, do you find life (or to be more precise your mind) just gets whirled up into a state of chaos, anxiety, and sheer madness?

(Here is the 2 of wands, Druid Craft Tarot)

I can start the day clear, focused, and knowing exactly what I want to achieve. And how to achieve it. Then life, children, fear, exhaustion, hormones, husband- or some other life issue gets in the way.

I find my thoughts scattered, and I start to get lost in a swirl of useless business. I am sure we are all different in how we step out of focus and into madness-

  • Whether you procrastinate (you tube, box sets, daytime T,V,)

  • Tidy & organise (many times I have sorted my kitchen cupboards rather than write a difficult blog)

  • Work hard, with no particular direction ( my main problem)

  • Cause arguments & drama's to distract...

I have seen many brilliant "distraction from the madness" techniques

I have started to use Tarot to get me focused, and back on track. I notice that I am working too hard (often through meal times- with that slight feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach) and I stop.

I gently shuffle my Tarot deck, and ask for clear practical guidance "What is it best I do right now"

And then I read the card, Not as a prediction, not looking for a negative or warning. I look for a practical thing to do at that moment.

Devil- "Lighten up" That for me is head to you-tube for a little of my favourite comedy "Curb your Enthusiasm"

6 of cups- Pause, head back into the house & spend a little time with my kids.

4 of swords or cups- meditate

Hanged man- this is my shaman card (linking to Odin who hung himself on the World Tree) I get out my drum, and connect for a while.

10 of swords- A need to empty my mind- perhaps journal, or phone a friend.

Prince of cups- always represents my husband when reading for me- reminding me to make him a cuppa & have a chat.

I have found this process has really helped me with my anxiety and stress, gently nudging me back on track.

I have also found it has helped me connect with each card in a different way. I am usually reading for clients in complicated and difficult life situations. I am looking for the subtle connections between the cards to offer the guidance a client needs.

It has been liberating reading just one card, and looking for advice in the present moment. I have come to love the cards all over again. It has helped me to focus on the practical advice a card can offer- whether food, exercise, rest, family time, planning....

I know I am lucky, as a professional tarot reader it is perfectly fine for me to consult the cards in the middle of a busy work day. Your home or work life may not be quite so accommodating.

I have never used a tarot app (really not up on technology), but I think it would be ideal for this. The key would be- instead of then reading the advice with the card, to stop and connect with the picture yourself.

Steady your breathing, calm your mind, gaze at the image & let your wisest self remind you what is best right now.

If you are keen to start reading Tarot, or are looking to deepen your knowledge, I have a selction of very affordable online Tarot courses- take a look here;

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