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My equinox Spread for finding balance.

The Equinox is a time of balance.

To have enough abundance, challenge, comfort, peace, space, love.

It is too easy to say "I don't have time" and to push aside those things we know will bring us more balance in our lives.

It is too easy to carry on with what we know is an unbalanced life, even though we know it is self sabotaging. Because we have grown used to it.

Equinox is a wonderful time to reflect, release & balance. So as you may have guessed, I have developed a simple tarot spread to help me- and hopefully you.

As you shuffle your cards, just deepen your breathing and focus your attention on you. This reading is for you.

Now place down 9 cards, with the meanings;

1-3. This is how you are doing right now. Muse on this, it should feel right. it is a starting point for the rest of the reading. Is this how your life is right now, or more importantly how you are feeling & focusing on your life?

4-6. You need to let go of this! it could be habits, activities, thought patterns, people. It may well have served you up to now, but it is time to move on.

7-9. You need more of this! Maybe (like me with the 8 of swords & Cenunnos/Devil) you have some cards that are classically though of as difficult. Every card has a blessing, a positive word there some where.

Reflect, consider- what are you being asked to cultivate more of?

In my spread I see a link between the High priestess, isolating myself because I can suffer lack of self esteem- 8 of swords.

Look for the story between the cards, the layering up of the meanings where several cards whisper the same thing.

Intent Cards

I believe a good tarot reading can make a real difference. Often the secret is translating the message into clear advice that can be used. I like to look for key cards that can be used to create statements of intent.

In this reading they are cards 2, 5, & 8.

I suggest you look at each card, and find statement of intents, that you can then use as a basis for change in your life. You may prefer to do this for every card, I tend to find that a bit too much- go with what works with you.

Here are my statements of intent to give you an idea;

Card 2, reflecting my life right now;

"I am working on a deep shamanic path to re-connect with & heal my ancestors"

Card 5, something to let go of;

"I will release stress, worry, and overlong working hours- to work smarter not longer."

Card Card 8, something to do more of;

"I will work with clear goals and focused plans"

The key with intent cards is to find how to implement them into your life. My cards 5 & 8 really support each other, and have helped me to consider booking in time to plan my work. I am not particularly smart when it comes to planning!

If you would like to learn more about Tarot, you can find my online Tarot courses here; Including one complete course at a "try me" price of only $2 so you can see if my tarot style suits you.

Tarot cards shown; Druid Craft & Samiramay

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