Tarot for a Soul Retrieval

As a shaman & a tarot reader I see my skills blend, there is no clear line between the two.

One of the healings I regularly carry out is a “soul retrieval” A client will present with an issue- perhaps difficulty in trusting, high anxiety, low self esteem.

My job as shaman is not to treat the symptom, but to journey back to the source wound. What originally happened to my client to cause this reaction?

Often it can be something quite simple that happened in childhood & was mis-understood at the time. What was a great way of coping at the time has now become a self-limiting habit.

I want to make it clear, the vast majority of the cases I work with are not abuse of any kind, just simple childhood, or adult, issues that led to a state of shock at the time and have since lingered in the energy field, with a scar tissue of negative energy that limits & blocks

As a shaman I drum and journey deep in to the underworld to find representatives of this wound, I bring the information back for my client and support them in accepting what happened. And then releasing it.

Often I find myself reading, and would love to journey for the client thinking that actually a shamanic session would really help. But there are many reason this may not be possible, and so I have developed a spread based on my shamanic journeying.

I suggest you try this spread on yourself first to really get the hang of it. It helps the process if you could meditate- in whatever way suits you best first. This is a spread for your intuitive self to untangle!