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The secret the 2 of cups

The 2 of cups, happiness in a card right? Much looked for whenever a relationship is asked about, this is equal (they both have a cup) honest love between two people and together they make magic! (note the lion-headed winged image)

All true of course ...


Notice how this is a "separation" card, they seem to be standing on a stage, separated from the rest of the card.

See how the rest of the card seems to recede into the distance, for this couple there is no rest of the world- only each other.

This is falling madly and deeply in love, which is exciting, exhilarating and all consuming- and should only ever be a phase of love.

Would you want to go to dinner with them, be their friend or their child?

Do you think either would let the other grow and develop as an individual?

I argue that this is a glorious stage in love, which hopefully will be re-visited with in a relationship time and time again. But it is a window, to be healthy the relationship must grow and allow the individuals to grow too.

At it's worst the 2 of cups is a co-dependent relationship with two people seemingly permanently connected, neither seems complete, ever, with out the other. (Do you remember Howard & Hilda?)

The caduceus symbol... (the staff with the intertwined snakes). It is commonly known as a healing symbol, and there is a lot of healing in the 2 of cups. Hopefully it means that this new exciting relationship will heal old wounds, whether from a past lover or even from childhood. The problem with this sort of healing relationship is it will probably be "pressing" buttons from the past.

The intensity can be addictive, each argument, conversation, embrace seems to capture who you are. You seem more understood, more alive, more real with this person than at any other point- which can of course make it difficult when you are with anyone else. They just can't "get" you in the same way.

So delighted as I am to see the 2 of cups crop up in a reading, I look carefully at the other cards around it.

Delightful as it is to fall head over heels in love, the 2 of cups can warn of an infatuated, co-dependent addictive relationship. Descending into abuse and control as one partner tries to ensure the other remains as completely committed to the relationship as they are.

A dark shadow for such bright love...

"Lots of people lose themselves in love, it's no shame. They write songs about it. The hitch is you can't stay lost. Sooner or later you have to get back to yourself."

"And if you can't"

"Well if you can't, well then love becomes your Master, and you're just its dog" (scene from Buffy the vampire slayer- T.V. series)

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