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Working with ancestors

This package includes two led meditations for you to use to access hidden parts of your self. 

The first journey is to receive healing from the ancestors. It is designed to focus on kin and bloodline, but there is room for any of the ancestors to do this work with you. The easiest way to connect with kin is to go down the roots of the tree into the underworld.

The second journey is to receive wisdom/direction/inspiration from the ancestors.  This is designed to allow you to connect with kith or heritage, but as always there is space for which ever group of ancestors will best help you to come forward. We will be journeying up the tree at first, then out into the middle world. 

This is powerful, life changing work.  It may take a few journeys for you to deeply connect. Or it may take a few journeys for you to be in a place where you can accept your gift, or witness your contracts. That is fine. Take as long as you need. 


Things to consider;

  • Please don't do this work if you are in a state of serious shock or trauma, or under the influence of drink or drugs. 

  • Make sure you have enough time to do the journey comfortably, to record any notes afterwards, and to ground yourself at the end. 

  • Great ways to ground; Eat something mindfully. Stand outside. Hug yourself. Do something practical.

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Connecting with Ancestors


I work with three distinct types of ancestors, you may feel drawn to a particular type of ancestors ( as I am), or you may work with all three. Our journeys are all unique- I will share the widest range of information in the hope it helps you to find your place, your path.


Ancestors of Kin

This is your blood line, or perhaps in certain cases your adopted blood line. It is the family which you are born into or are raised within. It includes parents, grandparents etc but also children and grandchildren.  

You are one person in a long, long lineage. You may be surprised about your original ancestral roots, or you may work more closely with recent generations. Every time healing work is done in this sphere it heals the entire lineage and can release blocks for others within your family line.

This work can highlight toxic family relationships, each family will have its stress lines and faults, so it is often useful to tread slowly with this work and allow time to heal and re-define relationships.  This work can affect marriages/relationships as we often carry family patterns into our romantic relationships.

The value of working with Kin is to heal the lineage, release blocks, and step more fully into being you with out family scripts defining you. There is a chance to learn from the ancestors wisdom, though sometimes people have to journey back to original ancestors to find core wisdom.

Ancestors of Kith

This is my favourite area of work.  This is your spiritual family, or lineage.

 Not everyone will identify with a specific spiritual lineage, and for some the lines between kith and the other two groups of ancestors will blur. And for some, like me, this will be the dominant ancestral group.

I believe that if you choose to commit deeply to work within a tradition, or with a spiritual teacher, you are adopted into their kith line. This might be quite a wide tradition- for example Celtic, Druid, Egyptian. Or it may be that you find one particular teacher or small group that you choose to commit to.

Many people never choose to commit to one path, and that is absolutely fine.  I am trying to share the widest over view.

My path is Stav. It is Norse in origin but comes from a particular Scandinavian family lineage which is masculine and warrior in feel.

The value of working with Kith is support, to better understand yourself and your journey. To feel a part of something that reflects your own beliefs, to learn from their journey and wisdom.


Ancestors of Culture and Heritage

Sometimes people strongly identify with the land where they live, or perhaps have an area of land, or culture that really calls to them.

All of the Ancestors overlap to some degree or another. But this might be a deep connection with a place or culture, rather than a mythology, person, or spiritual path.

Personally I count Hedge Witches in this group- developing a personal connection with the local landscape. If you are particularly drawn to place, song, story, culture, then this may be a good connection for you.

Often people who work with elementals or fae are drawn to these ancestors.

The value of working with ancestors of culture and heritage is – as with the others- to better understand yourself, and your journey. It can really suit people, or times in your life, when you feel more solitary and less drawn to following a particular group or person.


Many of us will go through cycles. Deeply working with Kin to heal blockages, moving onto heritage perhaps to work more closely with land spirits, then drawn into kith to find our people. There is no right way to do this, just the best way for you.

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