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I love (simply love) teaching!

Here you will find all my upcoming dates for Tarot, shamanism (lokk-seidr) and rune-lore. Have a browse, and if you have any questions about what would best suit you do drop me an email.

You can book the workshops as you go, or subscribe. By subscribing you pay the same amount, it's just that I add you the workshop automatically (no need to remember) so you'll receive the Zoom link and recording. You can cancel at any time if it's not suiting you.

All of the Zoom sessions are recorded, and you receive a video automatically. Perfect for those times you just can't make it...

Exploring Tarot


Relaxed Zoom workshops, looking at practical ways you can use Tarot in your life.

A (roughly) one hour workshop which is fun, relaxed, and demonstrates practical ways to develop your Tarot reading.

All levels of Tarot experience welcome- from total beginners to fellow pro's (and anywhere in between) the group has a very friendly feel.

  • July 11th: Tarot to communicate with spirit guides (or higher guidance)

  • August: Problem solving with the Tarot- when you just feel blocked in life!

  • September: Who am I? Finding yourself in the Major Arcana.

Lokk-Seidr is a Nordic chant which I will blend with a led shamanic journey in this Zoom workshop.

Perfect if you are interested in shamanic work, looking to develop a relationship with your spirit guides, or just seeking a space to deepen your personal spiritual connection.

This runs parallel to my rune-lore course, though you don't need to do both. You are welcome to simply enjoy the healing and peaceful experience of the journey.

  • June 22nd Vidar

  • July 27th Heimdall

  • August 24th Odin




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So you can expect a LOT of information in this workshop- it's 2 hours of immersing yourself into the energy of the rune, the associated deity, and (most importantly) how you can use this rune in your life.

Expect in-depth & practical, with a focus on using the rune for yourself, and how to incorporate  the rune into healing and shamanic practises.

The entire course is 17 months, though you are welcome to book as you go if you prefer.

If you choose to subscribe (no tie-ins, you can cancel at any point) you get free access to my online rune-lore course as well.

  • July 19th Heimdall

  • August Odin

My circle in the barns- where it all started! We meet twice a month (7-9pm), and the session costs £10. 

Each month we focus on the experiencing a rune- through chanting and drummed (sometimes gonged) journey.

Please email to enquire if you haven't been before. We are a friendly group- enjoying a chance to pause the mundane life and connect deeply

  • July 13th & 20th

  • August 3rd & 17th

  • Stav retreat 1st & 2nd October

Lokk-seidr in the Barns