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Tarot card meanings- suit of swords

Ace swords -

I love this card, the simple power of honesty. Remember the most powerful honesty is honesty towards yourself. The upright blade is thrust through a crown representing the material world (think Emperors new Clothes) but what I really love is the laurel branch, and the olive branch.  True honesty will in the end bring peace and victory.

  • Get your ideas straight- you might want to write them down and get them in order- or speak honestly to someone about this.  

  • Stick to your goal with clear focus.

  • Clarity, new ideas, clear focus.

  • Be inspired

2 swords –

Such a powerful card which I strongly link to the High Priestess. Don’t make mistake of writing this card off as passive (when did a woman with two swords ever seem passive to you?) Fighting with two swords (one to defend, one to attack) takes great skill and is a very flexible way to fight. You might one to consider those yellow shoes clearly shown under her dress. Ready to act when the time is right.

  • Stop thinking, stop listening to anyone else. Trust your intuition, your gut reaction today.

  • Procrastination. Lack of involvement, avoiding a decision.

  • Calm, careful consideration.

  • Look inwards to make a calm decision.

3 swords –

Do you wince each time this card pops up associating it with endings and heartbreak? Such a beautiful card- look at its symmetry. If the suit of swords represents the logical mind and spoken word, then those words are straight from an open heart. I see this card as emotional honesty- which can  lead to romantic break ups, but not always.

  • Speak form the heart, speak really honestly.-at work, to a friend, lover, or just to yourself. 

  • Don’t dwell on sadness

  • Sadness, sorrow, regret.

  • Be honest about how you feel.

  • Express yourself.

4 swords –

I find the placement of the swords really powerful. The three swords suspended over the body, really feeling and processing the emotional pain of the 3 of swords. Leading to that honesty, and a new way of thinking represented by that ace of swords in yellow underneath him. Compare this to the 9 of swords if you really want to understand the power of feeling and releasing your emotions.

  • A mental declutter is needed.

  • This could be a duvet day, clearing your desk or meditation. 

  • Clear mental clutter.

  •  A break, a rest, contemplation.

  • Make time to be still and contemplate- you need a rest.

5 swords -

There is a lot of anger in this card, but look closely. The victor has won, he has all the cards. And yet there is no blood, no real wounds. The swords represent words, He is holding all the swords carefully by their hilts. Other people’s words  only hurt if we give them power.

  • Other people’s words only hurt you when deep down you believe there is truth in them. 

  • Believe in yourself today & don’t get pulled into stupid arguments. 

  • Stay centred and calm, don’t engage in power play.

  • Communication problems, power plays, someone is trying to control (is it you?)

  • The Van Gogh element- believe in yourself, even if no-one else does.

6 swords -

My favourite symbol of this card is the far bank of land in the distance. Notice how it is soft blue (check the other cards- all the landscapes are so detailed this is unique). I really feel with this card an energy of “I don’t know exactly where I am going, but I am making my way and trusting I will get there”

  • Try not to micro-manage.

  • Trust the process, allow others to help, try and keep things smooth (don’t rock the boat!)

  • Feeling stuck? Try to break out of old habits & feelings- move on.

  • You are guided on still waters. Doing just fine.

  • Sometimes it means a journey or move.

  • Don’t fight.

  • Relax, go with the flow, the spirits (your own unconscious) are guiding you.

7 swords -

Yes it can mean deception or theft. But not always, there is a sense of trickster in this card. In the background there are army tents and there seems to be a fight to the left hand side of the card. He is stealing 5 swords (at risk to him- compare this to the 5 of swords) but he is leaving 2. The real question here is why is he taking the 5 swords?

I imagine he is stealing the swords to avoid a battle, there will be a duel instead- A risky strategy, but sometimes a risk is needed.

  • Originality is needed. Take a risk, be original, think outside of the box. Blend your  ideas & be unique!

  • Be wary over confidence, being too quick, tripping you up…

  • Original thinking- a touch of the trickster.

  • “blue sky thinking” follow your own ideas, don’t be boxed in.

  • Theft, deception, deceit or lies.

8 swords -

A powerful image, especially when you remember each sword represents a self-limiting thought or perhaps words spoken by another. It’s the water I find fascinating. Her feet seem to be just touching the water, she is still in touch with her emotions even if she is being drawn into her toxic thoughts. The swords don’t block her way forward or even behind her. There is hope here.

  • Don’t allow other’s words, or your thoughts, to hold you back. 

  • Monitor your own thoughts carefully and try to not box yourself in.

  • As you start to have more confidence, beware others might find this difficult.

  • Restricted by your own lack of self confidence & self limiting thoughts.

  • Believe in yourself.

9 swords -

For me this is the darkest card in the deck. That moment when you are totally convinced there is no way out of your desperation. The key symbols for me in this card is the quilt. Red roses (representing the physical world) you can not think your way out of this card. Do something- action is the only way out, to break the over thinking cycle. And the astrological glyphs, sometimes the only thing to know is all things change with time in the end.  

  • You can not think yourself out of this card. Stop thinking and do something- write a list, go for a walk, talk to someone. Do & don’t think!

  • Watch out for others (or yourself) blaming you for everything…

  • Overwhelming fears, worries and stress.

  • Write a list of your worries, and one thing you can do to help for each problem. Then take a real worry break.

  • Over thinking, over worrying, not really in touch with the situation. 

10 swords-

Woohoo, there is no 11 (only that beautiful ace as the cycle starts again!) The sun is setting, or rising, it doesn’t’ really matter. This is about a new start. Letting go of old patterns and old thoughts to allow a new start. Notice his fingers making a blessing sign (check the Hierophant) this is trusting that as we let go of negativity something better will come in.

  • Mental de-clutter to allow a new start, a new way of thinking.

  • Shout, throw things out, clear some space, talk with honesty. 

  • Don’t over react, stay calm.

  • Feeling out of control. Don’t keep all your emotions inside. Express them, release and let go.

  • It definitely can relate to anger- do check other cards in the spread(knight of wands/swords etc) to be sure.

Testimonials for my Shaman Healing

I was lucky enough to work with Siobhan Curham (published author) first using tarot & then for a shaman healing session. You may recognise me in her recent book "Something more- A spiritual Misfit's search for meaning"

"The shaman in the caravan was a no-nonsense woman with short, dark blonde hair and glasses....The shaman began drumming..and drumming. I'm not sure how long it went on for, I drifted into a deep state of relaxation, then finally she told me to come and join her sitting at the table.

I'm now going to tell you want I saw on my journey she said..."

I am very grateful to Siobhan to have chosen to share her experiences- they always belong to the client, and are never mine to share. She explains the process of a soul retrieval from the view of a client- and how it helped her move on in her personal journey.

"I returned home feeling light and happy.

A couple of hours later-while I was cleaning the dishes, bizarrely- a picture of the wild carefree person I could have been popped into my head and I burst into tears. Unlike the tears I shed the night before my parents split up, these tears felt cleansing. They were the kind of tears you shed when greeting a long-lost, much loved friend. "


Thank you Maddy, after over a year of trying to get to the bottom of my throat issues (including numerous modern medicines and alternative therapies), you managed to get to the root cause and clear it in one session!


I love how your healing is direct yet gentle but most importantly it's effective! You have a wonderful gift and I'm so glad you're sharing it with the world.

Anna Pearce

Working with Maddy has been and continues to be a very special and sacred experience for me. Maddy's intuitive wisdom speaks from an ancient knowing source and her many years of practice and dedication to her own self work provide the safe and professional container. I feel held, heard and supported when we journey into the deep recesses of my shadow and beyond into the other parts of my psyche and indeed into other unworldly realms. I am profoundly changed through this work, more alive and more awake and more compassionate towards myself and others. It is an integral part of my inner work and I highly recommend Maddy as a grounded, empathic and secure guide.

Katey Rowland

"Maddy Maddy Maddy were do I start to thank you, I can move ! I sleep soundly at night no pain when I turn. I was sore at working at the pub, but not doubled over in pain and not being able to move or walk as before. My aggression while driving has gone. I feel completely at peace with myself and my light is shining again (well the day to day life is still there lol  But that's life) thank you so much again words cannot express what I feel, it is absolutely phenomenal, thank you, may I book in again once my next hospital appointments have finished when you are feel, lots of love light and blessings  Julia xxxx"

Julia Hobbs

Thank you so much for my session yesterday. I spoke my mind twice yesterday without even thinking about it, or offending anyone! And this morning I walked straight down the stairs without a thought of painful knees.


I feel refreshed and positive thanks to your healing hands.


I will be touch with regard to a soul retrieval session and would definitely like to try and attend your Wednesday evening sessions.

Thank you again Heidi x

My Shamanic Healing adventure

"I have to admit that I was not at all sure what to expect from a Shamanic Healing,  and as I had no preconceived ideas I was open to whatever was to happen.

Maddy made me very welcome and asked what I felt I needed help with.  I hadn’t really thought that through, but I did have a dodgy knee, which I didn’t mention, and I do need to loose some weight, which is pretty obvious, so told Maddy that looking at any issues to do with weight loss blocks would be a good idea.


First she scanned my body for any blocks/physic hooks, and found blocks around my knees, which she then removed. I immediately noticed a change in the pain level in my knees joints, brilliant. A great start. While Maddy drummed and guided me on a meditation, I had a really odd tight , but not unpleasant or painful, feeling in my stomach.  As the session continued it faded away. 


At the end of the session I felt uplifted and energised. I had a fresh insight as to ways forward  with my healthy eating. Most importantly I felt confident something had shifted and changed. In the couple of weeks after the session I have found it easier to make better choices about amounts of foods to eat and have really benefitted from the new insights I gained in the session. I would thoroughly recommend Maddy’s Healing sessions to anyone looking to understand themselves better."

Sue Salt

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