Thoughts on being a "professional tarot reader"

Tarot reader- obviously most clients want me to be able to read the tarot cards accurately, and express that reading in a way that they can understand and relates to their life. The “tarot reader” part of my job is the easiest to see. As I tie up the ends of a busy January I thought I’d share some of my other roles that sometimes people don’t see.

Mental health professional

Sadly some of my clients find me when they have tried everything else and have reached a point of desperation. Unless I know a client really well I always have the thought in my head that I might be their last resort. My reading might be a turning point in their life- for better or worse.

I am lucky, I have explored mental health and client care at various times in my pre-tarot days (including some counselling training) and as part of my shamanic training.

Many of us experience difficult mental health at various times in our lives, if you are thinking of setting up as a reader I truly believe some experience/research/training into mental health is important. I know many people have “transferable” skills from past jobs that can be a genuine asset.

Whether you set to reading around the subject, join a course, or work with a mentor for guidance…Most Tarot readers will work with clients with complex mental health issues at some point. A little understanding can be a genuine asset.

Holder of secrets (and the importance of personal boundaries)

I am in the strange situation of hearing peoples most secret thoughts. I am often the people confide in when they have no where else to turn.

As tarot readers I think it is really important to know where our personal boundaries are. What are the ethics/taboos/morals that cross our personal boundaries and mean we are no longer able to offer a genuine service.

When my husband had an affair I was reading for several clients who were having affairs, I really had to check in and make sure I was comfortable with this. In the end I have only had a handful of “moral dilemmas” including the client who wanted advice on how “wreck” someone’s life, and the client who wanted to know if it was safe to return to her violent ex-partner.