The good, the bad, and the ugly cards in a relationship reading…

This is quite a flippant blog post, I am not attempting to “define” any card, just refer to my experiences in relationship readings.

In a reading I am looking for the narrative between the cards, rather than one card in particular. I have included a picture of the relationship spread I typically use with card placements at the bottom of the blog.

I take relationship readings very seriously, they carry a lot of emotional weight for a client. Matters of the heart can bring much joy and sorrow, and the wrong advice from a tarot reader can bring much pain.

The cards I love to see,

Knight of pentacles-loyal and steadfast.

King of pentacles- all about the joy and pleasure.

Knight of wands- strong sexual chemistry.

Knight of cups-Its all about the love, a romantic partner.

Page of cups- a message from the heart, fun.

The Lovers- the coming together of two people.

The 10 of pentacles- a classic “relationship” where two people have a shared mundane life. This can feel like a “gilded cage” so you’ll also see this card on my “list of dread”. It depends on the cards around it.

9 of cups/star- both “wish cards” suggesting the reading is positive.

Fool- “falling in love”

6 of swords- moving onto calmer waters.

3 of pentacles- a firm foundation.

3 of wands- Success and happiness.

Queen of pentacles- happiness in home life.