Life lessons from The Sun

It can be easy, with such a positive card as the Sun to just smile and say "fantastic". Which is a shame as there are some amazing tips in this card to ensure your success- in love, a project, creativity, business, or simply life.

Let's look at some symbols

The wall

I love walls in the Tarot, from a Norse perspective they create a "garth" a garden, linking it to paradise & the Garden of Eden.

A garden is a sacred space where you can feel safe & at ease. Able to play, to make mistakes, and try again. A feeling of being protected & nurtured.

As children, hopefully, this sense of protective nurturing comes from parents who hug their crying child and say "never mind, try again". As adults maybe this reassurance comes from friends, a partner, or within ourselves.

In life & business, step by step, I have made mistakes, had failures, tried things that I will not be repeating.

It may be a cliche, but I firmly believe that to learn, or achieve, anything mistakes must be made. Failures experienced. The Sun reminds me that it is O.K to fail, to just pick myself up and try again, learning all the way.

The Red Flag

What a sign of vibrancy, life, and vitality.

Again I am drawn back to my Norse roots to think of our trickster God Loki. He is associated with the red blood that brings passion, lust, and fun to life. Life would be a pale & joyless experience with out Loki to add colour!

The red flag reminds me that a little fun & excitement makes life all the more worth living.

In life & business it reminds me that if I am passionate it will shine through.