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Tarot for difficult days… The 2 of swords

Wen I’m having a bad day I often reach for my tarot deck for a little comfort and guidance. But it is all too easy to get lost in anxiety and fear, often I choose a card to gaze at instead of doing a reading. Finding the right card to help create the mindset I most needed.

This is a series of blogs and attached audios exploring my go-to cards for difficult days. The audio will be part talking about the card, part healing meditation. I hope if you are having a difficult day, it might bring you a little comfort.

The 2 of swords.

I need to be honest, say I identify with this card, I love this card. To me it is often a strong and hopeful card, bringing a sense of peace and rest, and helping me to find a better perspective in my life.

The woman is sat on a stable seat (a rectangle, representing the element of earth) yet close enough to hear her unconscious whisper (the ocean behind). No one could deny her strength, she sits with two Swords ready.

People often describe this card as "passive". I find there is a strength, at times, in being passive. That there are times when resting, contemplating, reflecting, not taking action is the right thing to do.

And then the 2 swords. They are held as weapons, yes in a defensive position, but still as weapons. To fight with 2 swords is to show great skill and flexibility. It is to be able to use either sword as a weapon or a defence. I often find with this card there message is to withdraw, contemplate, then alter your decisions to find the best way forward. This might be choosing to take a less paid job that has better prospects.

Her feet are firmly placed on the earth, her crown chakra is facing the sky. She is creating a divine conduit between earth and sky- a powerful way to really bring focus into the moment. In the audio meditation which you can find here I talk through a short breath meditation, including some Nordic chanting (lokk-seidr) to help you feel the peace of this card.

Try staring at the card for a while. The peace is hypnotic, the softly lapping ocean, soft moonlight and calm focus on your own thoughts. Who isn’t tempted (at least sometimes) to cut off from the troubles of outside life?

The deep peace I feel with this card is multi-layered:

The Blindfold- Taking a break from media, smart-phones, other people’s opinions and expectations. Taking a break from input from the busy world.

The crossed two swords-If swords represent the logical mind this is about stilling the logical mind (inner critic/inner chimp). Pausing that voice we all have that can drown out our ability to hear the wise part of ourselves.

The ocean- We can't all get away by going to the ocean. But there are no buildings in this card, no roads or other people. This is about reconnecting with nature, stepping out of our constructed life. For some that may be a walk in a local wood, for others the mountains or the ocean.

This is about taking the time to still the mind and hear a wiser wisdom- how ever you might define that.

Represented by the Ocean and the Moon- your higher guidance, your heart space, the whisper of the universe.

Connecting to a source that is more than you, yet perhaps also you at the same time.


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