How I attempt to read tarot for the toughest person to read for.

The hardest person to read for? Myself.

Maybe I’m just really good at ignoring my own issues, maybe I’m so used to reading for others, but I always find it hard to read for myself.

I think a big part of why I find it easier to read for others is my left, logical brain has no opinion when I read for others. If I read for myself I am often second guessing, adding hopes, fears, projections and emotions to the reading that are not directly from the cards. If I am reading for someone else then I am more dispassionate, and far clearer.

But I do, regularly, read for myself. Here are some of the tips I have found help.

#1 I try to distance myself from the outcome, especially if its an emotional issue. I try to get the cards out with out planning to. To just come home from a walk, put some cards out, and catch myself when I am less emotional and with a clearer head.

I might have a cup of tea, read a book, and then do the readings.

Emotional readings are clearer when I can approach them in a more detached manner. Especially if I can focus on process not outcome.

#2 I try to speak out loud, record myself, write the readings down. When I “think” a reading my left brain (“inner critic”) has longer to distort the true meaning.

I like pen & paper- so I usually jot down my first instinctive impressions as bullet points, then look back to the first thing I wrote- does it still ring true? Have I tried to talk myself into seeing a different interpretation?

#3 I imagine I am reading for someone else. I try to look at the reading as if I didn’t know the full back story.