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Do you have a “blocking” card?

I do, and it’s the Moon. Often the moon will crop in a reading linked to fears, shadows, psychic connection, hormones or sleep issues.

But every now and then the Moon crops up for me and just doesn’t make any sense. I can read the narrative between each card. I’ll be in full in the flow, lost in the reading, that sense of excitement when the cards are just so on point.

Then Boom, the flow stops, I get to the Moon, and it just doesn’t fit the reading.

Its taken me a while to understand this, but I’ll explain how this works for me. I’ve come across people with different “blocking” cards, so I’m not sharing this as an absolute, it simply works for me.

The Moon is reflected light. It does not shine (sorry if I’m shattering illusions here!) it reflects the Sun’s light. Anything that is reflected is distorted, not the original. We are so used to our reflection in the mirror, yet that is not how others see us. If you are not completely convinced by this argument- try reading in a mirror and see how confusing it can all become.

When the Moon comes up in a reading and makes no sense it is telling me “You don’t have all the information right now”. Or perhaps more accurately “You are not in apposition to understand this at the moment”

It happened to me a few years ago when I used to do relationship spreads for my marriage. As if the cards were saying “don’t look deeper right now”. They were right, it would not have helped me to know the depth of the storm I was walking into.

Now the Moon is back again. I will be exploring my life, asking about future choices, possibilities, opportunities, and there the Moon is again. “Not now, not yet, you are not ready to know”.

It does make me anxious, it stirs the remembered trauma from before. And yet I feel deep down that this is the reverse. That my future is brighter than I can imagine right now- and I am being asked to trust that everything is OK.

I have shared a picture of a spread I did for myself, and the bottom card was the Moon. The spread felt so positive, so strong until the last card (2 of pentacles). A choice? It didn’t quite fit. Card at the bottom of the pack- Moon. There will be a need to make a choice, but you can’t understand that right now. (damn right).

In this spread I left the cards out, re-shuffled the remaining deck and pulled three cards to ask “what do I need to know about the Moon” It does feel very positive, as if I have a genuine choice to make. I can read this spread, and am happy to share the picture- but not my interpretation right now. (I have my meanings for all 78 Tarot cards on my website, so if you are curious about my interpretations you can take a look right here.)

So I would like to say I’m trusting, leaving it at that.

Not quite- I tried a new spread today to double check. Spookily accurate reading (love my cards).

For times when you know things are veiled, hidden from you.

Three cards to shine a light on what is hidden – representing the Moon. (for me Tower, 6 of swords, 5 of wands- I am still processing trauma, but moving in the right direction.

Three cards on what is coming in, the truth of the future energy – representing the Sun. (for me king of swords, queen of cups, Moon. Yes I even got the moon here! The need to process emotions, work on mindset, and not being able to fully comprehend what life will be like when I have done that.)

I'm still getting the Moon!

I didn't take this picture to record the reading, more for the pleasure of looking up and realized how I had placed my drum there- it was shortly before leading a shaman workshop and I had a little time to myself.

The Moon is there to the left under the three clarity cards.


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