Insights on the 8 of Pentacles

One of the key skills of reading tarot is how to take cards with quite a traditional meaning (perhaps the 2 of cups- lovers) and translate the card so it can apply to any area of life.

I thought I’d start with the 8 of pentacles. Often considered a card of work, apprenticeship or learning a skill. And really core essential meanings for this card.

But if someone has asked about “how do I improve my marriage” or “I am feeling overwhelmed by life right now” how do you translate this traditional card of work into other areas of life?

In more general life I often see this card as getting organised, self discipline, and staying focused on one thing at a time.

I read a book a while ago (wish I could remember the name) that explained- when we promise ourselves we will do something (lets say completely empty the garage and clear it out) every day we don’t do it we feel slightly disappointed with ourselves, even if we can’t pinpoint why. I see this card as organising your mind, and life so you are always focused on what ever you are doing, completely. It is too easy to let the different areas of our life bleed into each other… you are checking work emails on a date, checking places to go for a date at work, and planning dinner during meditation.

Look at the card. He has total focus on the one pentacle he is carving.

The background has receded to emphasise this moment of total focus.

Then the 8 of pentacles can be that delightful experience of practical mindfulness, or the bliss of peak experience.

Whether this is totally focused on playing snap with a toddler, enjoying the laughter, the s