Working with spirit guides

One of the hardest parts of working with spirit guides is how to know if it is your deepest self you are connecting with, or something outside of yourself.

In essence- if it is helpful- it does not really matter.

I can remember the first time other people saw “my” spirit guide. It was a group Seidr session (Nordic chanting). I had had a tearful conversation with my guide Frey. He told me I needed to work with other guides, and he would be stepping aside to let these relationships develop. I was bit pissed off and frankly devastated. As he walked away I watched him and I wept. As far as I was concerned this had all happened silently, in my head. But other members of the group asked who the gorgeous chap was who walked off into the trees- pointing to the exact place I had last seen Frey. I was even more astonished when the group leader explained to the others who he was, and what had happened.

I have had many people stare resolutely behind me whilst I gave or received a tarot reading -they eventually ask who “that handsome chap is” He has been described as gorgeous, forest god, horned man, and even once as James Bond. I have seen him dance with another person’s female spirit guide, then find she saw it as clearly as me.

Luckily for me- as you can gather- Frey came back. I did work with other guides, still do on occasion, but Frey is there for me when ever I do spiritual work. I feel a gentle pressure on my shoulders and I know he is there. When I do healing work he is often at my clients feet, when I am at their head.

This validation has helped me to work deeply with my spirit guides- often Frey, Hel, Freya & Odin. When I am journeying they help me to find the way, perhaps giving me advice, healing, or challenging me in a way I find to useful at a later date. It can seem strange to people who aren’t used to working with guides, but they are real to me, and a great joy in my life (well not always Odin- he can be especially challenging…)