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My 5 Tarot BAD habits

#1 Reading when I'm angry

If I am arguing with my husband I naturally find myself at my desk. And the first thing I usually do is throw a few cards down. Never good to read for a relationship when angry. The most annoying thing is the cards are usually really, really "lovely" ones. which just makes me more angry. It's like they are trying to tell me to "calm down".

I still do it, I'll get a shock one day when I read for my relationship in a temper and get angry cards staring right back at me.

#2 Saying "yes" when I'm thinking "WTF"

I have a reckless streak. During a reading I am calm & focused, but sometimes clients ask me things - my head is saying "nooooo" but I hear myself saying "O.K"

Most recently I had been reading for a regular client who is in a difficult relationship. She said her partner wanted a reading too. I explained my reading for him would be focused on helping just him- my loyalty is to my client sat in front of me.

Later that day, setting up for the reading I received a text saying her partner wanted her to sit in on the reading. I did stop for a moment, but decided to trust myself- and their decision. In the end it was one of the most humbling readings I have ever done. This couple in crisis- and she sat for an hour and listened to her partners reading, never judging or commenting. Just listening. I'm not saying I'd do it again, or that it would work for everyone, but I'm glad I took the chance.

#3 Not keeping notes or a journal.

On my online teaching courses I always talk about the value of keeping a note of readings, or cards that just keep popping up. I wish I had done it for myself, it would be amazing to look back on now.

But I haven't, and I still don't. Arguably I am very, very busy as a home educating mum of four, and running my own business. But that is just an excuse. I am not good at taking the time to take notes, or keeping a journal. (Even if I understand the value!)

#4 Sweeping away a reading because I don't like it

If you read for yourself the temptation is huge. Admit it. I have done this, and it is just annoying. Usually the same cards come up- but in different positions. Often the reading is similar, but different cards.

Unless I felt distracted when shuffling the first time then sweeping away & restarting never makes me feel better- but yes I still do it.

#5 Keep on turning the cards.

When I went to Las Vegas I didn't gamble once, any money, at all. (I did get drunk and let a chap have my address book. He rang many of the numbers and told them, including my boss, that I'd just got married though)I always push the odds, and if I started gambling I would probably only stop when I was utterly broke.

This is what happens when I start just turning cards it gets good, I get excited, then I turn an ending or darker card, and I feel bad. It's as if the cards are reminding me that it always goes wrong in the end. I know I work much better when I draw a limited number of clarity cards- but sometimes I just keep turning.

The one thing I cannot stand -if I read for you it will bring me out in a cold sweat. Drinks near my reading decks. I have a lot of decks that I share with students, let others borrow, use to study. I have two decks I read with (Rider Waite & Druid Craft) & I am very protective of them. Only because they are well used and I am comfortable with them- but if clients try to put a mug where I am reading you can watch me look a bit anxious and then gently move the mug.....

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