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15,000 blog views, what did you love?

Wow- apparently my blog posts have been read 15,000 times!

Felling amazed.

My top five posts are;

#2 Why I love the 7 of swords (read it here)

#3 We need to talk about Death (read it here)

#4 When the client says "You are wrong" (read it here)

#5 Running an Holistic business, what I wish someone had told me (read it here)

My best moment was being asked if I wanted to interview Philip Carr-Gomm about his DruidCraft tarot. I swung from "how can I ever form an intelligent question?" to trying to whittle down a list that covered just about everycard in the deck, individually. It looks like there will be a companion interview about this much loved deck in the new year, so keep an eye out! (read it here)

My hardest challenge remains spelling & grammar, not my strongest points & spell check does not always pick up everything. I have learnt to use less semi-colons though.

I still struggle to write shaman blogs, I find it hard to know where to start with experiences that are often so deeply emotional. But I will continue to try.

I am cutting way back on work for a week or so, to really concentrate on family time with my four children, and celebrating 15 years of being hand-fasted to my husband. We take yuletide very seriously try to watch as many movies, play as many games, and spend as much time together as we can. (There may be the odd Gin & tonic, single malt or cocktail thrown in)

Wishing you a wonderful Yuletide, with gratitude for all the support I have received over the year.

Maddy elruna

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